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Crown Harbor Homeowner Association

Annual Meeting 2012

Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2012
7:00 pm Sign in
7:15 pm Meeting begins
Place: Encinal Yacht Club
1251 Pacific Marina
Alameda, CA 94501
roll call I. Roll Call
  • Count membership present by ballots and sign-ins
  • Total membership required present by both to establish a quorum and hold the meeting: 51% (39 homes)
call order II. Call Meeting to Order when Quorum is Established
  • Ballots collected: 54
  • Ballots required: 39
  • Call to Order: 7:07 pm
board III. Introduction of Board Members:
  • President: Dave Eck
  • Vice President: Don Gibson
  • Secretary: Scott Sheppard
  • Treasurer: Eugene McDermott
  • Director: Sean McDermott
committees   Introduction of Committee Members:
  • CC&R: Scott Sheppard
  • CERT: Jan Rogerson (not present)
  • Design Review: Carol Ansley
  • Landscaping: Dave Eck
  • Maintenance: Richard Fabbri
  • Reserve Study: Don Gibson
  • Security: Burny Mathews
  • Social: Barbara Bolton (not present)
  • The Clarion: Peggy McDermott
management   Introduction of Management:
  • Property Manager: Alex Faymonville
minutes IV. Approval of 2011 General Meeting Minutes


Presenter Item
Scott Sheppard PDF
2011 Annual Meeting Minutes


Responses to Last Year's Action Items
  1. Board: Consider solar power as part of the roof replacement expenditures and timing.
    The costs are significant enough that they take about 8 years to recoup. There is no easy way to return savings to the Association since meters are issued on a per Owner basis.

  2. Board: Consider providing residents with an array of methods to pay their share of the roof replacement fund, e.g. lump sum, equal amounts for 10 years, percentage-based over 10 years, etc.
    According to page 25 of the CC&Rs, the Board may adopt an Installment Plan for the payment of large assessments. Any member in Good Standing has the right to participate in an approved Installment Plan. Owners who do not wish to participate in the Installment Plan shall not be charged with costs for administering the Installment Plan.

  3. Board: Consider a more reflective roofing material which may help keep the units cooler in warm weather.
    This can be considered when the actual roofing bids are collected.

  4. Clarion: Include information about the requirements for carbon monoxide detectors in the next issue.
    Though this specific item has not been covered yet, it will be included in an upcoming issue of the The Clarion.

  5. Secretary: Contact Jan Rogerson or Art Zabala about information updates from the first CERT meeting.
    The Crown Harbor Directory has the latest information.


MotionScott Sheppard
SecondEugene McDermott
Vote5 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstain


community reports V. Community Reports


Presenter Item
Dave Eck PDF
President's Report
Eugene McDermott PDF
Treasurer's Report
Don Gibson PDF
Reserve Study Report


committee reports VI. Committee Reports


Presenter Item
Scott Sheppard PDF
CC&R Committee Report
Carol Ansley PDF
Design Review Committee Report
Dave Eck PDF
Landscaping Committee Report
Richard Fabbri PDF
Maintenance Committee Report
Burny Mathews PDF
Security Committee Report
Barbara Bolton PDF
Social Committee Report
Peggy McDermott PDF
The Clarion Committee Report


elections VII. Other Business
  • Allow Sheryl Sheppard to place yellow ribbons (in moderation and tastefully done) on the trees between Central Avenue and the Crown Harbor entrance gate. Owners may also place yellow ribbons on their trees. The ribbons may be up from March 28, 2012 through December 25, 2012.

    MotionEugene McDermott
    SecondSean McDermott
    Vote4 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstain

    The motion passed.

  • Continue the siding replacement project with the next 6 units (based on urgency) not to exceed $20,000.

    MotionEugene McDermott
    SecondScott Sheppard
    Vote5 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstain

    The motion passed.

announce VIII. Elections: Announce Results of Balloting
  • Open envelopes
  • Tally the ballots
  • Announce results

    1. IRS Ruling 70-604


      The motion to transfer the remaining balance from the operating account to the reserve account was approved.

    2. Election of five (5) candidates to the Board of Directors

      Rusty DiSandro32 
      Dave Eck40Elected
      Don Gibson38Elected
      Eugene McDermott45Elected
      Sean McDermott34Elected
      Scott Sheppard45Elected

      Thanks to all of the candidates who ran.

    3. CC&R amendment for satellite dish installations


      The amendment was approved. The satellite dish installation page of the Design Review Committee section has been updated with the new information. On behalf of all of the owners with satellite dishes, thanks to the community for approving this proposal.

discussions IX. Open Discussions from the Floor
  1. Raccoons are still a problem.
    Elimination of the feeders has helped. Vermin control suggests raising the level of shrubbery (done) and eliminating feeders (done). The Association should look at blocking major drains to prevent raccoons from using as shelter.

  2. What has been done to correct past issues? People seem to just do whatever they want with no recourse.
    The Design review and Landscaping Committees have worked with the two patio owners to make them more like owner-improved landscape areas and less like personal-use areas, e.g. no barbecue pits, no picnic tables. All other CC&R violations have been addressed or are in the process of being addressed.

adjourn X. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Action Items:
  1. Scott Sheppard: Correct the minutes regarding the carbon monoxide action item which was covered in the January issue of The Clarion.

  2. Dave Eck: Reword the last bullet in the President's Report so that it is easier to understand.

  3. Scott Sheppard: Talk to Art Zabala about attic insulation.

  4. Carol Ansley: Gather the names of owners who wish to replace garage doors and get bids with a bulk discount.

  5. Attendees: Send Peggy McDermott your dining out suggestions.

  6. Attendees: Richard Fabbri is looking for another member to join the Maintenance Committee since he is away from Crown Harbor for 6 months out of the year.

  7. Dave Eck: Contact Vermin Control about our raccoon issue.

  8. Sean McDermott: Look into ways to add grating to 3 main drains on Crown Drive that would prevent raccoons from entering.

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