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Crown Harbor Homeowner Association

Annual Meeting 2013

Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2013
6:45 pm Sign in
7:00 pm Meeting begins
Place: Ballena Bay Yacht Club
1150 Ballena BLVD
Alameda, CA 94501
roll call I. Roll Call
  • Count membership present by ballots and sign-ins
  • Total membership required present by both to establish a quorum and hold the meeting: 51% (39 homes)
call order II. Call Meeting to Order when Quorum is Established
  • Ballots collected: 54
  • Ballots required: 39
  • Call to Order: 7:04 pm
board III. Introduction of Board Members
  • President: Dave Eck
  • Vice President: Don Gibson (not present)
  • Secretary: Scott Sheppard
  • Treasurer: Eugene McDermott
  • Director: Sean McDermott
committees   Introduction of Committee Members
  • CC&R: Dave Eck
  • CERT: Barbara Bolton / Deeahna Lorenz / Mariu Arzayús (all 3 not present)
  • Design Review: Carol Ansley (not present)
  • Landscaping: Dave Eck
  • Maintenance: Richard Fabbri
  • Reserve Study: Don Gibson (not present)
  • Security: Burny Mathews
  • Social: Barbara Bolton (not present)
  • The Clarion: Peggy McDermott (not present)
management   Introduction of Management
  • Property Manager: Cathy Mount
minutes IV. Approval of 2012 General Meeting Minutes


Presenter Item
Scott Sheppard PDF
2012 Annual Meeting Minutes


Responses to Last Year's Action Items
  1. Scott Sheppard: Correct the minutes regarding the carbon monoxide action item which was covered in the January issue of The Clarion.
    This item was corrected. See the response to Action Item 4 in the 2012 Annual Meeting Minutes.

  2. Dave Eck: Reword the last bullet in the President's Report so that it is easier to understand.
    This item was corrected. See the last bullet in the President's Report for 2012. Thanks David.

  3. Scott Sheppard: Talk to Art Zabala about attic insulation.
    Done. See A Modest Proposal: The Dollars and Cents of My Home Energy Audit for the information that was shared.

  4. Carol Ansley: Gather the names of owners who wish to replace garage doors and get bids with a bulk discount
    This project was completed and several owners took advantage of it. Thanks Carol.

  5. Attendees: Send Peggy McDermott your dining out suggestions.
    To date Peggy has not received many suggestions.

  6. Attendees: Richard Fabbri is looking for another member to join the Maintenance Committee since he is away from Crown Harbor for 6 months out of the year.
    To date, Burny Mathews and Dave Eck help out when they can. Thanks Burny and David.

  7. Dave Eck: Contact Vermin Control about our raccoon issue.
    This was completed. The findings are documented on the Raccoon Abatement page. Thanks David.

  8. Sean McDermott: Look into ways to add grating to 3 main drains on Crown Drive that would prevent raccoons from entering.
    This project was completed. You can see a picture of his creation on the Raccoon Abatement page. Thanks Sean.


MotionScott Sheppard
SecondEugene McDermott
Vote4 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstain


community reports V. Community Reports


Presenter /
Dave Eck

President's Report

Full Report
  • This year's roof assessments have been paid, and Crown Harbor will continue on the 5 year program to raise the funds for the project.
  • Crown Harbor is nearing completion of the siding repair/painting project. The new siding does not match the old version, so the repairs are noticeable. To replace all of the siding was cost prohibitive.
  • The Board will do a walk through with the contractors and any open issues will be dealt with prior to final approval of the project. Residents who notice issues should report them to
  • The speeding problem is better, but all must remain vigilant and keep to the posted speed limit of 15 MPH.
  • Now that Crown Harbor has new pumps in place, there have been no sewer overflows.
  • Problems with the streetlights and flag pole light shorting out and turning off the breakers are being addressed.
  • Regarding exterior lighting, LEDs are more expensive but last longer. As of now the CFLs continue as the bulb of choice.
  • The Board has received a bid to do extensive repairs on the south west area (under the Cottonwoods) of the bicycle path.
  • Efforts to no longer have bird feeders on the property have resulted in fewer complaints about raccoons and rats.
  • Regarding the project on our eastern boundary at McKay Street, there have been several meetings with the Developers of the property, Tim Lewis Communities, and John Russo, Alameda City Manager. The Board will continue to look very carefully at this project.
Eugene McDermott

Treasurer's Report

Full Report
  • For 2012, membership income was ~$1,900 ahead of budget.
  • For 2012, operating expenses were ~$6,900 under budget.
  • The siding project included a contingency for unexpected expenses. Though the project is not done yet, the amount spent on change orders so far is ~$10,000 less than budgeted. The caveat is that there is an open tab with the City of Alameda for permits.
  • The bundled contract (roof-tune-up/siding/painting) work is projected to last through the summer.
Scott Sheppard

Secretary's Report

Full Report
  • The Crown Harbor website started out just as a place to put the phone directory and The Clarion.
  • The website has grown so that it serves two audiences: visitors who may wish to purchase property in our complex and community members who want to know what is going on.
  • Everyone should use to report problems or make requests.


committee reports VI. Committee Reports


Presenter /

There were no changes this year.
Barbara Bolton,
Deeahna Lorenz,
Mariu Arzayús

The committee is looking for members.


Full Report
  • 4 requests for replacement of existing windows were approved.
  • A request for 2 new windows on the front facade of 1302 Crown was approved.
  • Coordinated multi-unit garage door replacement resulted in discounted pricing for 7 homeowners.
  • A new Dunn-Edwards palette is in place based on repainting project.


Full Report
  • Crown Harbor continues to have pine, pear, and acacia trees either die or fall down.
  • The area at the entrance is looking much improved.
  • Hard pruning and removing overgrown bushes/trees has given Crown Harbor better water coverage and conservation.
  • If residents see a sprinkler zone sticking on, or a lateral line gushing water, try to contact Dave Eck before calling Associa Northern California.
  • The work during "Mulch Madness" days has resulted in many areas of the grounds having a very nice layer of mulching material.
  • Before making major changes or new plantings, residents must check with the Committee for approval.
  • The Committee was able to cut costs and transfer much needed funds to the Reserve Account.


Full Report
Main duties are to:
  • Ensure the garage lights and the pathway lights are on during the evening.
  • Keep the pathway gates' electric timers for opening and closing the gates adjusted to the ever changing sunrise and sunset times.
Thomas Burns and Burny Mathews graciously volunteered to assume these duties when Richard is out of town — 1 May through 31 October.


Full Report
  • Crown Harbor continues to have almost non-existent criminal experiences.
  • Despite this, residents that the police department needs their "eyes and ears" to report activity that looks suspicious.
  • All of the streets in Crown Harbor are fire lanes. Residents cannot park on the street or in driveways. The only exception is while actively unloading/loading and in close proximity to the vehicle.

The three community-sponsored events continue to be:
  • TGIFs (no cost to Association)
  • Annual picnic (~$300 cost)
  • Progressive holiday party (~$200 cost)

The Clarion
Based on lack of fresh content, the publication may be moved to every other month or quarterly.


elections VII. Other Business
  • New Gate Codes

    The Association has a disgruntled former owner who enters the complex at times and leaves disparaging notes on the new owners' door. In addition, the current gate codes were inadvertently published in The Clarion (OK) but then included on the public website (not OK). The plan is to change the gate codes and only publish the new codes in the directory that is password protected on the website. The change does not affect individual vehicle gate codes created by each unit. It was recommended that the codes be changed annually.

  • Renew HOA Insurance Policy

    The current policy expires at the end of March. Though the policy renewal includes an increase, the Board did not receive competitive bids in time to make an informed choice. A motion was made to renew the current policy and spend time this year to obtain and assess competitive bids.

    MotionEugene McDermott
    SecondSean McDermott
    Vote4 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstain

    The motion passed.

announce VIII. Elections: Announce Results of Balloting
  • Open envelopes
  • Tally the ballots
  • Announce results

    1. IRS Ruling 70-604


      The motion to transfer the remaining balance from the operating account to the reserve account was passed.

    2. Election of five (5) candidates to the Board of Directors

      Thomas Burns21 
      Roseanne DiSandro40Elected
      Dave Eck49Elected
      Eugene McDermott52Elected
      Sean McDermott45Elected
      Scott Sheppard52Elected

      Thanks to all of the candidates who ran.

discussions IX. Open Discussions from the Floor
  1. Thanks
    Burny Mathews thanked the Board for volunteering to serve the community.

  2. Community Garage Sale
    Richard Fabbri suggested that we hold a community garage sale where units could host garage sales all on the same day. We could live the vehicle gate open for that day. The CC&Rs allow for this to happen once annually.

adjourn X. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 8:29 pm.

This Year's Action Items:
  1. Dave Eck: Correct the "store trash" typo in the President's Report before posting it to the web.

  2. Community: The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is looking for volunteer members. Contact any of the committee members (see above) to get involved.

  3. Community: Contact Peggy McDermott if you are receiving both an electronic and paper copy of The Clarion and only wish to receive it via email. The Association pays to print and deliver the paper copy.

  4. Community: Peggy McDermott is always looking for fresh content for The Clarion. Articles can be submitted by the end of the month for inclusion in the next issue. Submissions can be made via Microsoft Word or email -- any form of text will allow Peggy to copy/paste.

  5. Cathy Mount: Make the gate code changes effective on April 15.

  6. Sean McDermott: Notify local realtors that public displays of our vehicle gate code for open houses are not allowed. Units for sale should make arrangements to have the gate remain open for an open house or provide an attendant to greet prospective buyers and open the gate for them.

  7. Scott Sheppard: Find out how to notify UPS, FedEx, and the Post Office about the vehicle gate code change.

  8. Richard Fabbri: Select a date and organize a community garage sale.

  9. Scott Sheppard: Chuck Myers would like a recommendation on software to create and maintain a website.

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