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Crown Harbor Homeowner Association

Annual Meeting 2014

Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2014
7:00 pm Sign in
7:15 pm Meeting begins
Place: Ballena Bay Yacht Club
1150 Ballena BLVD
Alameda, CA 94501
roll call I. Roll Call
  • Count membership present by ballots and sign-ins
  • Total membership required present by both to establish a quorum and hold the meeting: 51% (39 homes)
call order II. Call Meeting to Order when Quorum is Established
  • Ballots collected: 50
  • Ballots required: 39
  • Call to Order: 7:07 pm
board III. Introduction of Board Members
  • President: Dave Eck
  • Vice President: Sean McDermott
  • Vice President: Roseanne DiSandro
  • Secretary: Scott Sheppard
  • Treasurer: Eugene McDermott
management   Introduction of Management
  • Property Manager: John Caffall
minutes IV. Approval of 2013 General Meeting Minutes


Presenter Item
2013 Annual Meeting Minutes


Responses to Last Year's Action Items
  1. Dave Eck: Correct the "store trash" typo in the President's Report before posting it to the web.

    This was completed after the meeting.

  2. Community: The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is looking for volunteer members. Contact any of the committee members (see above) to get involved.

    Thanks to the efforts of our CERT leaders, we had enthusiastic participation in our CERT meetings.

  3. Community: Contact Peggy McDermott if you are receiving both an electronic and paper copy of The Clarion and only wish to receive it via email. The Association pays to print and deliver the paper copy.

    The list was updated to reduce the number of paper copies sent via the US Postal Service.

  4. Community: Peggy McDermott is always looking for fresh content for The Clarion. Articles can be submitted by the end of the month for inclusion in the next issue. Submissions can be made via Microsoft Word or email -- any form of text will allow Peggy to copy/paste.

    We did not make much progress on this item. Peggy and Gene still provide 99% of the newsletter content.

  5. Cathy Mount: Make the gate code changes effective on April 15.

    The gate codes were put into effect sooner than requested. We had to scramble to notify all parties affected.

  6. Sean McDermott: Notify local realtors that public displays of our vehicle gate code for open houses are not allowed. Units for sale should make arrangements to have the gate remain open for an open house or provide an attendant to greet prospective buyers and open the gate for them.

    This task was completed.

  7. Scott Sheppard: Find out how to notify UPS, FedEx, and the Post Office about the vehicle gate code change.

    With the help of Denise Gasti, this task was completed.

  8. Richard Fabbri: Select a date and organize a community garage sale.

    With the help of Roseanne DiSandro who filled in for Richard during his absence, the garage sale was successfully held.

  9. Scott Sheppard: Chuck Myers would like a recommendation on software to create and maintain a website.

    This item was completed.


MotionScott Sheppard
SecondSean McDermott
Vote5 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstain


community reports V. Community Reports


Presenter /


President's Report
  • The painting, siding, and patio repairs have been completed.
  • The speeding (exceeding 15 mph) problem has been much better.
  • The new sewer pumps have greatly improved the reliability of the system; however, we now have a problem with clogging. Flushing paper and plastic materials other than tissue paper can clog our lines and pump intakes.
  • We continue to have problems with the streetlights shorting out and turning off the breaker on the street and path light lines. We are looking at a system of lower wattage streetlights as a fix that might reduce the load on the wiring.
  • We have two sections of the pathway that have fairly severe buckling from the roots of the cottonwood trees. The Board has solicited proposal for the repairs and is awaiting a report on the scope and cost of the work.
  • We also have a significant risk along the pathway caused by the bay side path eroding away from the edge of the path. The Board is expecting a report from an environmental consultant regarding possible solutions to the problem.
  • The Board has received fewer complaints about raccoons and rats this year.
  • The sale of the GSA property on our eastern boundary at McKay Street continues to struggle ahead. We have continued to have meetings with the Developers of the property, Tim Lewis Communities, Regional Parks, and The Friends of Crown Beach. We have met with Regional Parks staff and did a walk along the common property line.


Financial Summary

Bundled Contract

Change Orders
End of Year 2013 Financial Status
  • Cumulative Membership Income was $383,272.84 which is $1,840.84 ahead of budget.
  • Cumulative Operating expenses were $1,613.19 over our budget of $381,432.00.
  • The balance in our other-than-roofing Reserve account is $190,204.69.
  • The balance in our Special Assessment Roofing Fund is $253,872.35.
End of February 2014 Financial Status
  • Cumulative Membership Income was $33,521.00 which is $281.86 ahead of budget.
  • Cumulative Operating expenses were $5,606.01 over our budget of $66,732.02.
  • The balance in our other-than-roofing Reserve account is $182,152.74.
  • The balance in our Special Assessment Roofing Fund is $306,333.19.
Status of Bundled Contract and Change Orders
  • The Total Budgeted Cost is $404,182.
  • With the inclusion of the unbudgeted walk-out roofs and landings, we are $166,437 over the original budget.
  • We have paid $455,075.10 against the $539,534.65 of A‑One's contract and Change Orders. We still have $84,459.55 to pay to A‑One.
  • We have paid $31,500 against the $34,872 of Construction Manager fees. We still have $3,372 to pay to Associa for Dan Poe's services.
  • There were 79 Change Orders at a cost of $79,544.05.



committee reports VI. Committee and Special Topic Reports

List of Committee Chairs
  • CC&R: Dave Eck
  • CERT: Barbara Bolton / Deeahna Lorenz (not present) / Mariu Arzayús (not present)
  • Design Review: Carol Ansley (not present)
  • Landscaping: Dave Eck
  • Maintenance: Richard Fabbri
  • Reserve Study: Scott Sheppard
  • Security: Burny Mathews (not present)
  • Social: Barbara Bolton
  • The Clarion: Peggy McDermott
Presenter /
Barbara Bolton,
Deeahna Lorenz,
Mariu Arzayús

Carol Ansley,
Ellen Marshall


Design Review Report
  • Committee work has been fairly slow this year and primarily about already approved work.
  • Most projects this past year involved window replacement.
  • The Crown Harbor Website Design Review Committee page is an excellent resource to homeowners wanting guidelines on making any alterations to their homes, both inside and exterior modifications.
  • Requests for approval should be submitted to the committee using the Architectural Variance Request form and submitted to the committee chairs or via
  • Projects with prior Board approval require no additional review and will be handled promptly.
  • The approval process will never be the critical path to completing a project. There is no excuse not to file.


Landscaping Report
  • Even though Crown Harbor has water use well below the budged amount, we will very likely be facing further water restrictions imposed by EBMUD. EBMUD has requested a voluntary 10% reduction in for all of our water use.
  • The Board has already received and reviewed a proposal for conversion of some of our zones to commercial drip. Rebates from EBMUD are currently available for that switch.
  • Our tree specialist and his crew have done a good job of removing or trimming our problem trees. We are shopping for replacement and screening trees on the corner of Queens and Crown.
  • Our old irrigation system pipes and valves occasionally have leaks that are often caused by the tree and bush roots in the vicinity. Before planting anything new, residents should check with the committee to ensure that the plantings fit in with the xeriscaping (drought tolerant) program we are trying to implement.
  • Quite a few of our residents have personal gardeners or choose to maintain the common area near their homes. It is difficult for the committee to keep special requests straight. The HOA contractors also have the overall obligation to keep the shrubbery at the height of the lower patio rail.

  • Ensured the garage lights and the pathway lights are on during the evening.
  • Kept the pathway gates' electric timers for opening and closing the gates adjusted to the ever changing sunrise and sunset times.
  • Signing the "Friends of Crown Beach" petition would put the federal property rezoning issue on the ballot. The petition is expected to garner enough signatures.

  • Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) conducted a free energy audit and put us in touch with an energy expert.
  • Our street and pathway lights are old, and the HOA could benefit from modernization.
  • For our cost of $12,665 (AMP pays $2,535), we could replace our 19 streetlight fixtures with LEDs and recoup our investment in 8.6 years.
  • For our cost of $840 (AMP pays $5,760), we could upgrade our 33 pathway light sources (keep existing bollards) and recoup our investment in 2 months.
  • The recommendation is to undertake these projects.
  • This will be discussed at the April Board meeting.

  • Every 3 years Crown Harbor commissions an independent company to complete a reserve study for the association.
  • The cost is ~$2,000 so there is no desire to obtain them more frequently than every 3 years.
  • The purpose of the Reserve Study Review is to have a second set of eyes look at the reserve study and make a recommendation to the Treasurer.
  • A reserve study includes an assessment of the condition of existing assets, expected remaining life of those assets, and an estimated replacement cost for when they need to be replaced.
  • Based on the costs for when the various assets needs to be replaced, a profile of how much money the association will spend in future years is derived. Dues are set to collect this money over time.
  • The numbers in the reserve study are debatable. Some may be too low. Some may be too high. The time to question these numbers is when the reserve study is received, before payment is made to the company providing the study, not in subsequent years when the reserve study is being used to craft an annual budget.
  • A reserve study is created by professionals. It is not appropriate for the Board to replace the numbers with its own unless we have a work proposal in hand. This is how the study is updated in between new reserve studies.
  • The current reserve study is from 2012. The next reserve study will be in 2015. Until then, our finances will be guided by the one we have.
  • A committee of interested owners will be formed as part of receiving, accepting, and paying for the next reserve study.

  • Crown Harbor had 34 Alameda Police Department (APD) calls January 2013 to March 2014 (3 fewer than prior time period).
  • Our one serious crime was an auto burglary of vehicle wheels.
  • The non-emergency number for APD is 510-337-8340. For emergencies, call 911. Although Burny is our Security Committee Chair, when a crime occurs, call Alameda Police instead of Burny.
  • All of the streets in Crown Harbor are fire lanes. Residents cannot park on the street or in driveways. The only exception is while actively unloading/loading and in close proximity to the vehicle.

  • The three community-sponsored events continue to be:
    • TGIFs (no cost to Association)
    • Annual picnic (~$300 cost)
    • Progressive holiday party (~$200 cost)
  • The committee is looking for new volunteers to organize the holiday party.
  • This was held around December 14 which allowed residents, who normally go away for the holidays, to attend.

The Clarion
  • The Clarion is our community newsletter. It is not the Board newsletter.
  • The committee is always looking for community-related content.
  • Feel free to make submissions by the 25th of each month.
  • The Clarion will be published every other month or quarterly depending on the volume of community-related content.

  • The Easements represent the recorded rights between the adjacent properties and the complex.
  • For example, there are easements regarding storm drainage.
  • We are also aware that our fence was not placed properly along the property line that borders the park.
  • The Association hired Placer Title to locate the recorded easements.
  • The easements are written in legalese, are not easy to interpret, and are being reviewed by a property lawyer who also happens to be an owner/resident.
  • The plan is to discuss this topic at the April Board meeting.


elections VII. Elections
  • Collect late ballots
  • Open envelopes
  • Tally the ballots
announce VIII. Announce Results of Balloting
  1. IRS Ruling 70-604


    The motion to transfer the remaining balance from the operating account to the reserve account was passed.

  2. Election of five (5) candidates to the Board of Directors

    Dave Eck44Elected
    Eugene McDermott48Elected
    Roseanne DiSandro46Elected
    Scott Sheppard47Elected
    Sean McDermott43Elected
    Thomas Burns13 

    Thanks to all of the candidates who ran.

discussions IX. Open Discussions from the Floor
  1. Are there any volunteers to host the monthly Board meetings? It does not have to be a Board member's house.
    The Sheppards have graciously opened their home for Board meetings for the past 2 years. It is time to find a new location. Ballena Yacht Club charges $200 per month which is too high. The Sheppards will be out of town for the April meeting, so a new location needs to be decided prior to April 23.

  2. Reduce water usage by reducing or eliminating the amount of grass.
    We should consider replacing the horseshoe lawns with vegetation that requires less water. We should have a plan and accept proposals that include artist renderings rather than just say "let's take out the grass."

  3. Improve the appearance of the front entrance vegetation.
    The small garden patch (on the right when exiting) could use some sprucing up. This is one of the first things that visitors to our complex see. Can we get some nice flowers in there?

  4. Consider rain barrels under our gutters.
    Modern rain barrels have an attractive appearance. The collected rainwater can be used to water our gardens.

  5. Investigate the possibility of using gray water recycling.
    Gray water can be collected from showers. This can be used to fill toilets or water gardens.

adjourn X. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 8:36 pm.

This Year's Action Items:
  1. Peggy McDermott: Ed Stavnezer would like to opt out of the US Postal Clarion mailing.

  2. Landscaping Committee: Consider drip irrigation systems to reduce water usage.

  3. Social Committee: Consider moving the Holiday Party to March or April (not so close to the Annual Picnic).

  4. Landscaping: Solicit proposals to reduce water usage in the common areas by eliminating or reducing the amount of grass.

  5. Peggy McDermott: Show the Landscaping Committee what you have in mind for the front garden area.

  6. Board: Consider barrels under spouts to collect rainwater.

  7. Board: Consider gray water recycling techniques.

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