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Crown Harbor Homeowner Association

Annual Meeting 2016

Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2016
7:00 pm Sign in
7:15 pm Meeting begins
Place: Ballena Bay Yacht Club
1150 Ballena BLVD
Alameda, CA 94501
roll call I. Roll Call
  • Count membership present by ballots and sign-ins
  • Total membership required present by both to establish a quorum and hold the meeting: 51% (39 homes)
call order II. Call Meeting to Order when Quorum is Established
  • Ballots collected: 49
  • Ballots required: 39
  • Call to Order: 7:15 pm
board III. Introduction of Board Members
  • President: Roseanne DiSandro
  • Vice President: Tom Burns
  • Secretary: Aaron Quaresma (not present)
  • Treasurer: Scott Sheppard
  • Director: Seth Selkow
management   Introduction of Management
  • Property Manager: Sheri Carmichael
contractor   Introduction of Roofing Contractor
  • General Manager: Alex Oleinikov
  • Director of Client Services: Kathy Lightell
minutes IV. Approval of 2015 General Meeting Minutes

Presenter Item
2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

  1. John Caffall: Ed Stavnezer would like to know the cause and who paid for the leak repairs at 547 Kings.

    John provided Ed with the information.

  2. Community: The Landscaping Committee is looking for a new chairman. Contact Dave Eck if interested.

    Scott Sheppard volunteered to fill this position.

  3. Community: The Maintenance Committee is looking for residents with handyman skills to possibly take on some small projects that would save the Association money. Contact Richard Fabbri if interested.

    No one from the community answered the call.

  4. Community: Peggy McDermott has decided to retire publication of The Clarion unless someone wants to take it over. Contact Peggy if interested.

    The Clarion was retired and replaced by emails to the community from the Secretary.

  5. Design Review Committee: Define the specifications for replacement skylights in the Association.

    A replacement skylight was specified. 43 of the 56 possible were purchased and installed by A‑One Roof Management & Construction.

  6. Design Review Committee: Define the guidelines for solar panels in the Association.

    Current California laws preclude solar panels from being installed in associations where the roof is not owned by the Unit owner.

  7. John Caffall: Poll the write-in candidates to see if one of them wishes to fill the remaining Board member position.

    The write-in candidates declined. Seth Selkow graciously volunteered to fill the vacant spot.


MotionScott Sheppard
SecondSeth Selkow
Voteby acclamation


community reports V. Community Reports

Presenter /
President's Report
  • Thanks to the Board members:
    • Vice President: Tom Burns who has such great engineering knowledge
    • Director: Seth Selkow who knows so much about computers and got the "ghosts" out of the entrance gate
    • Secretary: Aaron Quaresma who keeps the community informed and is heavily involved in getting the new lights
    • Treasurer: Scott Sheppard who wears many hats
  • Thanks to the committee members:
    • CERT
      • Barbara Bolton (co-chairperson)
      • Deeahna Lorenz (co-chairperson)
      • Ellen Marshall (co-chairperson)
    • Design Review
      • Aaron Quaresma
      • Carol Ansley (co-chairperson)
      • Christy Quaresma
      • Ellen Marshall (co-chairperson)
      • Margot Gibson
    • Landscaping
      • Barbara Gosse
      • Bill Moore
      • Christopher Liebbe
      • Dave Eck
      • Diane Mosier
      • Kris Moore
      • Sandra Quist
      • Scott Sheppard (chairperson)
      • Sheryl Sheppard
      • Tom Burns
      • Valerie Boone
    • Maintenance
      • Burny Mathews
      • Dave Eck (co-chairperson)
      • Richard Fabbri (co-chairperson)
      • Tom Burns
    • Reserve Study
      • Aaron Quaresma
      • Barbara Gosse
      • Denise Gasti
      • Gene McDermott
      • Richard Fabbri
      • Scott Sheppard (chairperson)
      • Seth Selkow
    • Security
      • Burny Mathews (chairperson)
      • Tom Burns
    • Social
      • Barbara Bolton (co-chairperson)
      • Clemencia Colmenares (co-chairperson)
      • Don Gibson
      • Kris Moore
      • Margot Gibson
      • Scott Sheppard
      • Sheryl Sheppard
    The work of the committees sets Crown Harbor apart.
  • The maximum percentage of Units which may be leased at any time is 15% which equals 11 units. The Association is currently at capacity. There is one application that has been approved for future use —on the waiting list. New applications will be added to the waiting list.
  • Given the attractiveness of the complex, the stable financial status of the books, and the enthusiastic participation of the community, the state of the HOA is strong.
Roof Replacement Project Report
  • A‑One Roof Management & Construction first worked for the association on a bundled contract. The Bundled Maintenance Contract included: siding and trim repair, roof tune up and maintenance, sealing of walk-out roofs, and painting the entire exterior of the buildings.
  • The roofing project is complete, and the crew is no longer deployed at the site; however A‑One is not walking away from the project. If anything comes up, they can be contacted at
  • A‑One thanked Crown Harbor for our business. They appreciated our efforts to keep things organized with a web-based punch list for anyone to see and project members to update.
  • David Mears, and other community members, acknowledged that the project manager, Jorge, was "absolutely marvelous." All of the crew were enjoyable to work with.
Treasurer's Report — See PDF
  • The Association should collect $412,120.56 in dues in 2016. The last payment for the special assessment is due by December 31. There is $20,451.29 outstanding in regular dues payments. There is $13,898.91 outstanding in special assessment payments. The Association uses all legal remedies available to collect monies owed.
  • The operating budget for 2016 is $412,089.00. Of that, $250,037.04 will be spent with the remaining $162,051.96 being transferred to the regular reserve account. The operating expense are $3,864.90 under budget.
  • The regular reserve account balance is $199,999.56. The minimum balance required by lenders is $41,208.90. Purchasing everything being considered would result in an ending balance of $217,142.06 which is above the minimum.
  • The balance in the special reserve account after everything has been paid out and the final assessment collected will be $295,608.04. This money is exclusively for roofing and will be held in the account for flat roof repair and future roof work. This will help mitigate dues increases because the regular reserve account will not need to grow to fully fund future roof work.


committee reports VI. Committee Reports

List of Committee Chairs
  • CC&R: Dave Eck
  • CERT: Barbara Bolton, Deeahna Lorenz, Ellen Marshall
  • Design Review: Carol Ansley
  • Landscaping: Scott Sheppard
  • Maintenance: Richard Fabbri
  • Reserve Study: Scott Sheppard
  • Security: Burny Mathews
  • Social: Barbara Bolton
Presenter /
Design Review Committee Report
  • Owner replacement of windows — several approvals for window replacements, using two vendors with high satisfaction ratings (listed on Crown website).
  • A replacement skylight was specified and approved.
  • Solar Panels — summarized findings on possible use at Crown Harbor, not found to be suitable for our HOA (see expanded information on website)
  • Roof replacement project — recommended color palette for new shingles
  • Pathway light bollards — recommend maintaining current finish, not painting
  • Use of Common Area — recommended approval of wedding reception on Kings lawn.
  • Garage door replacement — coordinated owner replacements of 14 garage doors — facilitated price negotiations, initial measurements, installation, and follow-up painting.
  • Exterior building light fixture replacement: In process now; contacted Berkeley Lighting, set up criteria for new fixtures, reviewed options, selected final fixtures (2 sizes for entry, sides, and garage placement), received Board approval, ordered fixtures, and completed owner survey re preference for added security feature — either dust-dawn timer or motion sensor. Board currently getting bids from contractors for installation project, which is estimated to be completed this Spring.
Landscaping Committee Report
  • Our HOA came in at 43% below our water allotment and saved a significant amount of money on our water bills.
  • We held a Kings Klean-up event to spruce up that area. Thanks yo all of our community volunteers.
  • There are plans to address tree pruning this year. We have already had trees fall from high winds and heavy rainfall.
  • Because there is no irrigation system in the affected area, we have not yet planted replacement trees on Kings Road.
  • Work on the front strip outside the gate is in progress. The proposal to plant 3 trees and 9 plants hinges on getting a "new planting" exception to the Stage 4 drought watering ban. We have a request pending with EBMUD. They were initially unreceptive, since we had already started the project by removing the dead trees and grass. We reminded them that we had not planted anything new yet.
Maintenance Committee Report
  • Ensured the garage lights and the pathway lights are on during the evening.
  • Kept the pathway gates' electric timers for opening and closing the gates adjusted to the ever changing sunrise and sunset times.
  • A new timer was installed this month that automatically adjusts the open and close times as sunrise and sunset times change throughout the year.
Reserve Study Committee Report
  • A reserve study includes an assessment of the condition of the existing assets (e.g. roofing, siding, street surface) and the expected remaining life of those assets.
  • Based on the remaining life of each asset, a projected date as to when it needs to be replaced is determined.
  • Based on a projected date of replacement, an estimated cost for replacing it (at that time) is computed.
  • Based on the costs for when the various assets needs to be replaced, a profile of how much money the association will spend in future years is derived.
  • The current reserve study is from 2015. This was used to derive the $13,504 that is transferred from the operating account to the reserve account each month.
  • The reserve study predicted that we would need new sign posts in 2017 and new signs in 2021, but they cannot wait that long.
  • The reserve study predicted that the front entrance gate would last until 2021, but our service provider recommended doing so now instead of continuing to spend money frequently repairing it.
Security Committee Report — See PDF
  • Crown Harbor certainly had a more "interesting: list of calls for service here in our little slice of heaven from January 1, 2015 to March 1, 2016 as compared to the previous year. Unfortunately, we experienced 13 burglaries during this last calendar year. Succinctly stated, this is way out of the norm for our area... or for most other areas in Alameda. The Alameda Police Department jumped all over this rash of burglaries but as far as I know no one has been arrested specifically for our crimes. My gut tells me two things:
    1. The burglar(s) were arrested for another crime and were spending time in the Alameda County Jail Facility.
    2. Our residents "hardened" the target by removing remotes from their vehicles and calling in suspicious persons and vehicles.
  • Many of the other 37 calls for service were for other incidents such as: false alarm, PWT (or park, walk, talk), found property, suspicious vehicle and/or person and AFD.
  • Residents are becoming more willing to observe and report what they see in these types of incidents. All Crown Harbor residents are reminded that it is imperative that we report anything or anyone who looks suspicious to the Alameda Police Department.
  • All streets in Crown Harbor are fire lanes. This means that you CANNOT PARK ON THE STREET. The only exception is when you are actively unloading/loading your vehicle and you are in close proximity to the vehicle.
  • Do NOT keep your gate and garage opener device in an easy location for someone to find inside your car parked outside of your garage. Thieves know there is a good likelihood that a garage door opener will be on the sun visor or dashboard of your vehicle.
Social Committee Report
  • We held our traditional holiday picnic on a sunny Sunday, July 12.
  • Thanks to Robert and Rise Hammond and Carol Ansley, we replaced our progressive holiday party with a TGIF on Friday, December 11.
  • Thanks to Barbara Bolton and Robert and Rise Hammond, we held a progressive Valentine's Day party on February 14.
  • The annual picnic is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, July 10, 2016.
elections VII. Elections
  • Collect late ballots
  • Open envelopes
  • Tally the ballots
announce VIII. Announce Results of Balloting
  1. IRS Ruling 70-604


    The motion to transfer the remaining balance from the operating account to the reserve account was passed.

  2. Election of five (5) candidates to the Board of Directors

    On the Ballot




    Thanks to the candidates who volunteered.

discussions IX. Open Discussions from the Floor
  1. Thanks to our volunteers.
    Burny Mathews thanked the Board and the various Committee members for their long hours and hard work.

  2. See you next year.
    Next year's annual meeting will be held on Monday, March 27, 2017.

adjourn X. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.

This Year's Action Items:
  1. Community: Review the roof replacement punch list to ensure that all issues have been adequately addressed.

  2. Community: Since the motion sensor option negates the ability of the Owner to manually turn on the pathway and entrance lights, Owners can opt to switch to the timer method. Contact the Design Review Committee.

  3. Landscaping: Consider replacing some of the grass sod in the greenbelt areas since rebates are available, and it is unclear how long rebate programs will last. Consult a landscape architect.

  4. Board: Put a sign on the front door of the Ballena Bay Yacht Club that says "Enter in back for Crown Harbor meeting" as the front door is locked.

  5. Carol Ansley: Carol would like to organize food for the next annual meeting: cookies, water, and coffee.

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