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Crown Harbor Homeowner Association

Annual Meeting 2017

Date: Monday, March 27, 2017
7:00 pm Sign in
7:15 pm Meeting begins
Place: Ballena Bay Yacht Club
1150 Ballena BLVD
Alameda, CA 94501
roll call I. Roll Call
  • Count membership present by ballots and sign-ins
  • Total membership required present by both to establish a quorum and hold the meeting: 51% (39 homes)
call order II. Call Meeting to Order when Quorum is Established
  • Ballots collected: 50
  • Ballots required: 39
  • Call to Order: 7:16 pm
board III. Introduction of Board Members
  • President: Roseanne DiSandro
  • Vice President: Tom Burns
  • Secretary: Aaron Quaresma (not present)
  • Treasurer: Scott Sheppard
  • Director: Seth Selkow (not present)
management   Introduction of Management
  • Property Manager: Sheri Carmichael
minutes IV. Approval of 2016 General Meeting Minutes

Presenter Item
2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

  1. Community: Review the roof replacement punch list to ensure that all issues have been adequately addressed.

    The open issues were closed prior to the final payment being delivered. A‑One has been responding to maintenance requests as part of the roof warranty.

  2. Community: Since the motion sensor option negates the ability of the Owner to manually turn on the pathway and entrance lights, Owners can opt to switch to the timer method. Contact the Design Review Committee.

    The Design Review Committee elected to install timers instead of daylight or motion sensors.

  3. Landscaping: Consider replacing some of the grass sod in the greenbelt areas since rebates are available, and it is unclear how long rebate programs will last. Consult a landscape architect.

    The smaller sections, entrance median, and area between 1335 and 1351 Crown have been replaced. The Association will receive $6,189 in rebates. The drip system conversions around the units will be tackled before attempt to improve our prized greenbelt areas.

  4. Board: Put a sign on the front door of the Ballena Bay Yacht Club that says "Enter in back for Crown Harbor meeting" as the front door is locked.

    Signs were hung to alert community members that they should enter the yacht club using the back door.

  5. Carol Ansley: Carol would like to organize food for the next annual meeting: cookies, water, and coffee.

    Alas, Carol has moved from the community. As our Design Review Committee co-chairperson and long time member of the Social Committee, she will be missed.


MotionScott Sheppard
SecondTom Burns
Voteby acclamation
community reports V. Community Reports

For 2017, this includes the President and Secretary.

Presenter Summary
President's Report
  • Thanks to the community members who arranged their schedules so they could attend in-person tonight.
  • Thanks to the Board members:
    • Vice President: Tom Burns (grounded, sound reasoning)
    • Director: Seth Selkow (team player)
    • Secretary: Aaron Quaresma (tireless design review work and minutes)
    • Treasurer: Scott Sheppard (list management and to-the-penny accuracy)
  • Thanks to the committee members:
    • CERT
      • Barbara Bolton (co-chairperson)
      • Deeahna Lorenz (co-chairperson)
      • Ellen Marshall (co-chairperson)
    • Design Review
      • Aaron Quaresma
      • Carol Ansley (co-chairperson)
      • Christy Quaresma
      • Diane Mosier
      • Ellen Marshall (co-chairperson)
      • Margot Gibson
    • Landscaping
      • Barbara Gosse
      • Bill Moore
      • Christopher Liebbe
      • Dave Eck
      • Diane Mosier
      • Kris Moore
      • Sandra Quist
      • Scott Sheppard (chairperson)
      • Sheryl Sheppard
      • Tom Burns
      • Valerie Boone
    • Maintenance
      • Bill Moore
      • Burny Mathews
      • Dave Eck (co-chairperson)
      • Richard Fabbri (co-chairperson)
      • Tom Burns
    • Reserve Study
      • Aaron Quaresma
      • Barbara Gosse
      • Denise Gasti
      • Gene McDermott
      • Richard Fabbri
      • Scott Sheppard (chairperson)
      • Seth Selkow
    • Security
      • Burny Mathews (chairperson)
      • Tom Burns
    • Social
      • Barbara Bolton (co-chairperson)
      • Clemencia Colmenares (co-chairperson)
      • David Ristuccia
      • Don Gibson
      • Elizabeth Phipps
      • Kris Moore
      • Margot Gibson
      • Sheryl Sheppard
    The work of the committees sets Crown Harbor apart.
  • The maximum percentage of Units which may be leased at any time is 15% which equals 11 units. The Association is currently over capacity due to a hardship waiver. There is one application that has been approved for future use —on the waiting list. New applications will be added to the waiting list.
  • Given the attractiveness of the complex, the stable financial status of the books, and the enthusiastic participation of the community, the state of the HOA is strong. It has been an honor and privilege to serve as president.
Treasurer's Report — See PDF
  • The report is based on financial data as of February 28, 2017.
  • The Association should collect $434,702.40 in dues in 2017. There is $13,935.65 outstanding in regular dues payments. There is $11,714.20 outstanding in past special assessment payments. The Association uses all legal remedies available to collect monies owed.
  • The operating budget for 2017 is $434,680. Of that, $267,766 will be spent with the remaining $166,914 being transferred to the regular reserve account. The operating expenses are $4,813.41 under budget.
  • The regular reserve account balance is $155,952.25. The minimum balance required by lenders is $43,470.24. With the planned transfers from the operating account and all purchases being considered, the forecasted ending balance of $169,085.75 is above the minimum. The balance of money for variable items (e.g., roofing, siding, painting) is $35,914.31. The balance of money for fixes items (e.g., street signs, mailboxes, irrigation systems) is 120,037.94. Regular replacement of siding consumes the majority of the variable funds.
  • The balance in the special reserve account is $356,562.83. This money is exclusively for roofing and will be held in the account for flat roof repair and future roof work. This will help mitigate dues increases because the regular reserve account will not need to grow to fully fund future roof work.


committee reports VI. Committee Reports

For 2017, this includes Landscaping, Maintenance, Reserve Study, and Security.

Presenter Summary
Landscaping Committee Report — See PDF
  • We started the year with the Kings Kleanup Volunteer Project.
  • Irrigation System to Drip Conversion
    • As a test, we converted the median strip at the entrance to a drip system with drought tolerant vegetation.
    • We then tested the same strategy adjacent to units by converting 556 / 544-546 / 538 Kings.
    • We then moved on to publicly facing areas including the area between 1335 and 1351 Crown.
    • Next up are the intersection of Kings/Queens and the left side of Crown adjacent to the apartment complex.
    The committee is maintaining a triage list where we address the worst areas first and then move on to less barren ones over time.
  • To keep dues low, budget line item, 1650 seasonal plantings, for 2017 is $0. The association only spends money on plant replacement as part of drip conversion. That is an item from the reserve account that will be realized now but paid for over the next 30 years. For those not wanting to wait, owners can plant plants at their own expense with committee approval.
  • To handle trees consistently throughout the association, we put a tree policy in place. We collect up our tree work and have our arborist visit twice a year. In addition, he comes when we have an emergency, i.e., (fallen trees: Queens, Crab Cove entrance, Crown). To ensure that new trees have proper watering to survive, we replant trees as part of drip conversion. To avoid having a future towing being contested, we trimmed the trees at the entrance to keep the "no parking" signs visible.
Maintenance Committee Report — See PDF
  • The new lights have greatly reduced the need for bulb installation and monitoring of our outside lights as well at the pathway lights.
  • A timer was installed last year that automatically adjusts the open and close times as sunrise and sunset times change throughout the year.
  • Alameda Municipal Power fixed the broken boxes in the sidewalk areas.
  • The Association has a long-standing request for Alameda Municipal Power to paint the transformer boxes.
  • Since the roadways and pathways were resealed, not repaved, years back, cracks are starting to open. At some point, the old pavement will need to be replaced.
  • The rotted wood post on the turnaround at the intersection of Crown Drive and the pathway was replaced by yellow metal posts, designed for removal for emergency vehicle needing access to the pathway.
  • The repair work on the fence along Crown is scheduled to begin tomorrow (March 28, 2017).
  • For easy emergency vehicle unit identification, vegetation that obscures exterior lights or unit numbers will be trimmed by the landscapers.
Reserve Study Committee Report — See PDF
  • A reserve study includes an assessment of the condition of the existing assets (e.g. roofing, siding, street surface) and the expected remaining life of those assets.
  • Based on the remaining life of each asset, a projected date as to when it needs to be replaced is determined.
  • Based on a projected date of replacement, an estimated cost for replacing it (at that time) is computed.
  • Based on the costs for when the various assets needs to be replaced, a profile of how much money the association will spend in future years is derived.
  • The current reserve study is from 2016. The study identified items that are slated to be replaced in 2017.
    • Iron/Wood Fence at Shoreline
    • Street Signs and Posts
    • Irrigation system (replace with drip system), new trees, and drought tolerant vegetation for one-third of the units (other two-thirds come in the next 2 years)
    • One of the two sewage ejector pumps (other one already replaced last year)
  • The 2016 reserve study was used to derive the $13,909.50 that is transferred from the operating account to the reserve account each month.
Security Committee Report — See PDF
  • Unlike in 2015 where the association had 13 garage burglaries, in 2016, Crown Harbor had the lowest number of service calls to fire and police in years. The Security Committee believes that this was made possible by the trimming of the trees along Kings and addition of brighter street lighting.
  • Residents are becoming more willing to observe and report what they see in these types of incidents. All Crown Harbor residents are reminded that it is imperative that we report anything or anyone who looks suspicious to the Alameda Police Department. The committee suggests that residents add the non-emergency police number, (510) 337-8340, as well as the emergency number, 911, to their mobile phones or land lines.
  • All streets in Crown Harbor are fire lanes. This means that you CANNOT PARK ON THE STREET. The only exception is when you are actively unloading/loading your vehicle and you are in close proximity to the vehicle.
  • Do NOT keep your gate and garage opener device in an easy location for someone to find inside your car parked outside of your garage. Thieves know there is a good likelihood that a garage door opener will be on the sun visor or dashboard of your vehicle.
  • Data from the entry code shows that the widely-known contractor entrance code is used as frequently as 55 times per day, at all hours of the night. If you are a resident and do not have a gate opener, the Skylink 69 Universal Garage Door Remote Control is compatible. It is available at for $14.50. The pin numbers to set to make the opener mate with the Crown Harbor gate appear in the phone directory (password protected).
elections VII. Elections
  • Collect late ballots
  • Open envelopes
  • Tally the ballots
announce VIII. Announce Results of Balloting
  1. IRS Ruling 70-604


    The motion to transfer the remaining balance from the operating account to the reserve account was passed.

  2. Election of five (5) candidates to the Board of Directors


    Thanks to the candidates who volunteered and the one who was conscripted.

discussions IX. Open Discussions from the Floor
  1. Can we hire a security service to make a pass through the community once or twice a night?
    During the burglaries of 2015, the Association considered hiring a security service to patrol the community. Investigation into this issue showed that it was expensive, and without a continuous presence, not very effective method of catching criminals.

  2. What are the plans for the land now owned by EBRPD?
    EBRPD has their site plan on display next to the entrance from the greenbelt area. It is the same exact plan that was available years ago. The expectation is that once EBRPD actually starts the planning process, the Association can inquire regarding the fans for the fence. Everything that has happened to date has been documented on the Adjacent Federal Property page.

adjourn X. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 8:34 pm.

This Year's Action Items:
  1. Board: Consider purchasing or leasing the land along Kings in the event that EBRPD expresses a desire to move the fence. Warren Linney, Robert Hammond, and Scott Whidden may be of assistance.

  2. Maintenance Committee: Give Alameda Municipal Power two more weeks to paint the transformer boxes, or the Association will takes its chances by painting the boxes itself.

  3. Reserve Study Committee: Identify in what years the high-cost assets will be replaced.

  4. Scott Sheppard: Update the email list so community members can continue to use that email address to send messages to the new board.

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