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Crown Harbor Homeowner Association

Design Review Committee

There are 5 different models that comprise the structures in Crown Harbor. The Design Review Committee reviews changes to areas owned and maintained by the Association as well as Owner items that impact the Association. This includes (but is not limited to):




Interior renovations requiring a building permit

  • any structural alterations to load-bearing walls
  • changes that impact noise between units (e.g., carpet to wood flooring)
  • direct vent fireplace units
  • lighting work
  • major plumbing
Alameda has guidelines for when a permit is required.

Any alteration to the exterior


Additions to the common area


Items owned and maintained by the Association


Noise Abatement

Based on the close proximity between buildings at Crown Harbor and a desire for noise abatement, external air conditioners are not allowed.
green space

Common Area Event Usage

  • Unit owners, tenants, and visiting guests are welcome to use the common areas as long as all abide by the provisions in the CC&Rs, Article III, Section 3.9.
  • Residents wishing to host events should consult the Common Area Event Policy and contact the Design Review Committee ( for approval.

Holiday Lights

No external changes or decorations will be made without prior approval of the Design Review or Landscaping Committees or the Board of Directors. Each year the board passes a blanket motion that covers putting up holiday lights in November (i.e., typically the day after Thanksgiving) and taking them down in January (i.e., typically January 31).
Architectural Variance Request Form
Requests for approval can be submitted to the committee using the Architectural Variance Request. As spelled out in section 8.6 of the CC&Rs, approval/denial of a request is based on an Owner's plans and specifications:
  • Compliance with the provisions of the application process.
  • Conformance to the Association's governing documents.
  • Interference with the reasonable enjoyment of the Common Area and/or Unit by any other Owner.
  • Consistency with the architectural and aesthetic standards of the Complex.
  • Harmony with the external structures and/or landscaping within the Complex.
  • Consistency with the overall plan and scheme of development for the Complex.
  • Impact on drainage, topology, or visibility from Private Streets, Common Areas, or other Units.
  • Relationship based on prior adverse experience with the proposed improvement, product, or component.
For questions, the Design Review Committee can be contacted via

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