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Electrical Service

Common Area Transformer Boxes

Electric service is supplied to Crown Harbor from Alameda Municipal Power (AMP). There are 3 transformer boxes located in the complex. The transformer boxes are maintained by AMP as part of supplying power to the entire complex.


electrical box 2

Between 1355/1357 and 1359/1361 Crown Drive

This transformer box is in excellent shape.

electrical box 1

Between 1323 and 1327 Crown Drive

This transformer box is also in excellent shape.

electrical box 3

Intersection of Queens and Kings

Though this transformer box is behind the lattice screen for the earthquake supplies, it is partially visible to residents. Requests to Alameda Municipal Power get this box painted have gone unheeded. Unfortunately, Crown Harbor is prohibited from painting the box ourselves. In March 2018, AMP suggested that Crown Harbor improve the appearance of the box with Turtle Wax.

electrical meter

The power meter at the same location can also be improved with Turtle Wax.

Unit Circuit Breakers

In addition to servicing the common areas, AMP also supplies power to the individual units. The per-unit circuit breakers are maintained by the individual owners.

circuit breaker

Circuit Breaker Box

The circuit breakers are typically located in a box in the unit garage.

extra breaker

Main Circuit Breakers

In addition to the circuit breakers in the circuit breaker box, the main panel just inside the exterior wall on the garage with the AMP meter has additional breakers. There are two circuits breakers there, the main 100-amp circuit for all power and a 30-amp circuit breaker for the laundry. So in the event of a power outage, if resetting the breakers in the garage circuit box does not restore power, residents can check these breakers by the AMP meter.

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