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Meeting Summary

April 14, 2015
Neighboring Property

GSA Dave Eck met with Christian Pascual from GSA on April 14, 2015.

Date: April 14, 2015

John and Scott:

Just to let you know, I did have a productive meeting with Christian Pascual from GSA this morning to discuss the fence, property line, and landscaping the area on Kings. Here are some point that came up.

  1. They had not noticed that the tree removal and clearing had been done.
  2. He indicated that the planting of trees on their side of the line might be somewhat risky right now. They are not certain of the long term use for the site. There is interest on the part of the VA to maybe put some temporary facilities on the site for at least a couple of years. The agreement has not been finally signed, but they are close. They would put up temporary modules. The rift between Parks and GSA still seems large.
  3. Running an irrigation line to the new plantings on to their property was not a good idea.
  4. We talked at length about moving the fence. I repeated what Gene and I had talked about before, that if they left the fence where it is with some sort of easement, we would continue to maintain the water and landscaping on the both of our pieces of property. He was going to take that idea to his superiors.
  5. I found out the cause of the lights from car reported by residents in that parking lot. They have security patrols that routinely go through their lots on patrol. This is done at night. He thought it was fairly unlikely that bandits could get through their security.
  6. We talked about the SE gate technically being theirs. We had a good laugh on that one.
  7. He was okay with the idea that we would put movable planted pots along the fence.
  8. He mentioned that, if possible, we do native trees.
  9. He could not comment on our claims against them for the tree work and poles. I assume our new insurance carrier has filed them.

We will be meeting and talking again after he does some checking with superiors.

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