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Vehicle Entry Gate

The vehicle entry gate is controlled by a Door King system that includes an entry panel. The entry panel has a keypad where access codes can be entered and a phone to communicate with residents.


The Crown Harbor Gatekeeper is a position appointed by the Board. The gatekeeper uses Door King Remote Account Manager software to administer the directory (i.e., access codes and phone numbers) for the vehicle entry gate.



  • Units with accounts in good standing appear in the gate entry directory.
  • Residents can opt to have their entry hidden.
  • In the case of rental units, the resident is listed instead of the owner.

Visitor Entry using Directory

  • When visitors arrive, they can look up a last name in the gate directory. Visitors do not see the phone number nor the unit number/street address. Visitors only see a last name and first initial. There are previous-name (A) and next-name (Z) buttons that allow the visitor to scroll through an alphabetized list.
  • When visitors find the desired last name, they push a CALL button to call the contact phone number. This is only possible if the phone number in the system is a local number (i.e., a 415, 510, or 925 area code).
  • When residents receive a call from a visitor at the entry gate, they push 9 on their phone to open the gate.

Personal Entry Codes

  • Each unit has a personalized 4-digit gate entry code assigned by the gatekeeper.
  • Residents can use their personal entry codes when they do not have their gate openers. See the Security Page for information regarding vehicle entry gate openers.
  • In the case of rental units, the resident and the owner both receive the code.
  • When a resident moves from Crown Harbor, the unit's personal gate code is deleted. This is particularly pertinent if the owner shared the unit's personal code as part of an open house.
  • When a new resident moves in, a new code for the unit is added.
  • An owner landlord getting a new tenant is treated like a move out/move in.

Visitor Entry using Personal Entry Codes

  • Residents are encouraged to use the directory process to allow visitors to enter.
  • Residents can share their personal entry codes with visitors in cases where the directory process is not a solution.
  • For security purposes, sharing personal codes should be as limited as possible.
  • Residents should instruct visitors to push firmly and slowly as the system is over 30 years old.

Vendor Entry Code

  • There is a physical key that opens the vehicle entry gate used by policemen, firefighters, and postal carriers.
  • There is one community-wide entry code that is used for delivery services such as FedEx and UPS.
  • This code is defined by the gatekeeper, approved by the Board, and not shared with owners nor residents.
  • Owners and residents use their personal codes.


  • Residents should contact to get their name and contact number added to the directory of the vehicle entry gate.
  • Issues regarding gate access can also be reported to

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