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Landscaping Committee Projects

Here's how the Landscaping Committee operates as a committee.


1. Meet

The committee holds in-person meetings at the chairperson's house.


2. Follow Up

The committee has follow-up discussions through email.


3. Share

Send email:

  • For projects that affect the entrance or one of the green belts, the chairperson sends out a community-wide email that describes planned changes.
  • For projects affecting one unit, the chairperson emails the unit owner and/or resident.
  • For routine maintenance, an email is circulated among the Landscaping Committee.

4. Respond

The chairperson responds to any feedback from the community-wide email.


5. Decide

Proceed based on feedback:

  • Barring a large outcry from the community, the chairperson asks the landscaper for a quote.
  • If there is a large outcry, go back to step 1.

6. Verify

The landscaper emails the quote to the committee so they can verify that it matches what was decided and shared in step 3.


7. Fund

The chairperson attends the board meeting and gets the funds approved.


8. Implement

When the funds are approved, the chairperson pulls the trigger and has the landscaper do what was quoted.

This is an efficient process that catches no one by surprise and avoids having the landscaper deal with changes after a job has been bid. The committee ( welcomes community input on its operations. It is important that one designated person from the committee interfaces with the contractors to avoid giving them conflicting directions.

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