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Exterior Lights

The exterior lights are governed by the Association; however, Section 6.1 (v) of the CC&Rs notes that all light fixtures operated by a switch inside the unit are part of owner maintenance and responsibilities. As such:

  • One of the exterior lights on each unit, the one closest to the street, has a timer, since it is required to be on as part of community safety compliance. There is no switch for this light, so replacement is the responsibility of the Association.

  • The remaining exterior lights, typically two, are controlled by a switch inside the unit, so replacements for these lights are the responsibility of the owner. This applies to the exterior fixtures (this page) as well as lights on balconies, patios, and atriums. This also applies to any accent lights on balconies, patios, and atriums.

The electricity for each exterior light is provided by the unit.

Hubbardton Forge, Banded
Hubbardton Forge, Banded


  • The original Crown Harbor light fixtures are no longer manufactured.

  • The approved replacement light is the Hubbardton Forge, Banded Light.

  • There are 2 sizes:

  • Approved configurations:

    • Finish: Bronze — 05
    • Glass: Opal — G
    • Lamping: incandescent (accommodates regular, CFL or LED bulbs)
  • The configuration above of the Hubbardton Forge, Banded light is the only approved replacement option.

  • Replacements are made using the installation sheet for the fixture.



  • The external light closest to the street includes a timer.

  • For the other lights controlled by a switch inside the unit, owners can opt to:

    • Turn them on and off manually via the switch.
    • Replace the manual switch with a timer switch that allows for the on/off times to be programmed.
  • See lighting controls for more information.


Timer Switch

  • For each unit, a timer switch in the garage controls the light fixture closest to the street.
  • Many units also have timer switches indoors to control the exterior lights on the sides and entrances to the units.
  • The timer automatically adjusts to turn the line on at Dusk and off at Dawn.
  • The lights are on all night, every night and completely off during the day.
  • This eliminates the trickle current present in photocells that burns out CFL and LED bulbs prematurely.
  • The unit fits into a standard light switch box.
  • Programming is easy as defined in the Intermatic (Model EI600) manual.


  • Since the light fixtures mounted on the garage door side of each unit, facing the street, are Association responsibility, that includes the bulbs. All of the other lights mounted on the sides of the units are the homeowners' responsibility — both maintenance and bulbs.

  • Volunteers from the Maintenance Committee walk around and change the burned out bulbs in the garage light fixtures facing the street. There is no set schedule. They do it as they can.

  • As originally specified and provided by the Association, the LED bulbs:


    The Association originally supplied owners bulbs as part of replacing the lights. After that, only the bulb in the fixture nearest the street will be regularly replaced by the association. Owners are free to handle the bulbs in the other fixtures. The following choices are available:


    The fixture nearest the street is considered part of the association's street lighting system and must be 1,100 lumens.



  • Berkeley Lighting Company
    • Address: 1623 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702
    • Phone: (510) 524-1782
    • Fax: (510) 524-9710
    • Showroom hours:
      • Monday-Saturday: 10am - 6pm
      • Sunday: 11am - 4pm
  • The negotiated price with Berkeley Lighting Company includes the fixture and glass.

    $177.00Hubbardton Forge, Banded, Small
    List price: $324.00
    $204.00Hubbardton Forge, Banded, Medium
    List price: $366.00

    These prices are in effect until February 1, 2018.

  • The negotiated price does not include tax, installation, light bulbs, nor the cost of photocells, motion sensors, nor timer switches.

  • Owners who opt to purchase lights should call Berkeley Lighting Company and identify themselves as a Crown Harbor resident.

  • Light fixtures take about 4 weeks to produce.

  • Hubbardton Forge fixtures have a Lifetime Limited Warranty for defects in workmanship and materials. Berkeley Lighting Company is the point of contact for obtaining warranty service.



  • The Association will replace the exterior lights closest to the street on a schedule determined by the Board and the Design Review Committee.

  • With approval of an Architectural Variance Request, an owner can replace one or more lights at the owner's expense.

  • To create a uniform appearance throughout the community, which would enhance all Unit values, in 2016, the Board opted to replace all of the carriage-style light fixtures — even those that are Owner responsibility. This was a one-time event.

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