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Maintenance Committee Pathway Gate Timers

The setting of the open and close times for the pathway gates are the responsibility of the Maintenance Committee. The lights along the seaside path are on timers. The goal is to have them on from dusk to dawn.

central timer

crab cove timer


  • There is a timer box located at the front entrance gate near Central Avenue.
  • There is also a timer box located at the entrance gate adjacent to Crab Cove.


central timer

crab cove timer

Gate Control History

  • The opening and closing of each pathway gate was originally done by a photocell. When the photocell detected light, the gate would open. When the photocell detected darkness, the gate would close. This led to complaints from the public when foggy mornings delayed the opening of the gates.
  • To replace the photocell, the Maintenance Committee would set the open and close dates manually. As sunrise and sunset varied based on the seasons, a committee member would have to adjust the open/close times by a few minutes every other week.
  • Since time adjustment was a labor-intensive process, the old timer was replaced with a new timer that automatically accounts for the changes in sunrise and sunset times. The timer has been set to open the gates 30 minutes before sunrise and close 30 minutes after sunset.
timer closed

timer closed

New Timers

  • The gate timers are Defiant Model #49814 from Home Depot. See instructions as well as a video showing the setting process.
  • The switches are designed to hold power in the event of a power failure. That should last for at least an hour and possibly much longer, the review comments are quite varied at to actual experiences.
  • The boxes they are in are locked, and Tom Burns has a set of keys.
  • The gates are set to open ½ hour before sunrise, and close ½ hour after sunset. The switches should adjust automatically through the year as sunrise and sunset changes.

Setting of Open and Close Times

These were the instructions for manually setting the open and close times on the old timers.
  1. Hit the program button on the bottom row. That will give you the opening time (on).
  2. Change the time of opening by hitting the minute and hour buttons on the first row to the desired time.
  3. Hit program button again. This will give you the closing time (off).
  4. Change closing time via the hour and minute buttons. When finished hit Clock. This will bring it back to normal operations.
If you happen to hit the program button again instead of clock, it will bring you into settings 2, 3, 4 etc. You need to ignore all of this and hit clock. It is now set for a 7 day operation, but if the days get changed by accident it will not function every day.

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