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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

The CERT has detailed Neighborhood Disaster Readiness plans for 4 neighborhoods of Crown Harbor. This page contains the information specific to Neighborhood 2 — Lower Crown Drive whose leader is Mariu Arzayús.

9 steps Immediately following a disaster:

On Your Own 1. Take care of your loved ones.
2. Dress for safety (study shoes, gloves, hard hat).
3. Check the natural gas or propane at your unit.
4. Shut off water at the unit main.
5. Place HELP or OK sign on garage door.
6. Put your fire extinguisher on the sidewalk.
As Groups 7. Go to the gathering site for your neighborhood of Crown Harbor:

Garage of Barbara Bowman, 1322 Crown Drive
8. Hopefully CERT members will be present to head up Incident Command. If not, form teams at the gathering site.
  • Team 1: Listen to the emergency system and walkie-talkies.

    • Jeptha Boone
    • Sheryl Sheppard
    • Don Gibson
  • Team 2: Check on neighbors door to door.

    • Denise Gasti
    • Cheryl Saxton
  • Team 3: Ensure that all gas meters are off (8 automatic, 12 manual).

    • Dave Eck
    • David Mears
    • Scott Sheppard
  • Team 4: Aid neighbors displaying the HELP sign.

    • Valerie Boone
    • Margot Gibson
9. After completing the work, return to the gathering site for your neighborhood of Crown Harbor.
center A neighborhood care center is a place where children, the elderly, and those with disability can be brought so they are not alone and where they can be given care:

Home of Scott & Sheryl Sheppard, 1305 Crown Drive
specifics In the event of a disaster, there are considerations specific to Crown Harbor. Please see the specific considerations page.


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