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Skylight Maintenance and Replacement Background

As part of the 2015 roof replacement project, Owners can opt to procure a skylight and have it installed by A‑One Roof Management & Construction; however, they are also free to replace their skylights before or after the roofing project using any licensed contractor as long as the skylight meets the specifications documented on this page.

Skylights are a domed glass (acrylic actually) that is attached to a frame. The frame mounts to a curb that is attached to the roof. Replacing a skylight when a roof is replaced is a good time to do it, because the curb can be inspected and repaired as part of the roof project. As part of replacing the roof, all skylights are removed (even if they are not going to be replaced) so that the new roofing material can be affixed to the curb. If an Owner elects to keep his existing skylight, and decides to replace/repair it in the future, if curb work is necessary, the Owner will be responsible for those costs. In addition, due to the age and brittleness of the existing skylights, A‑One cannot guarantee that the existing skylights can be removed and re-installed without breakage. In the event of damage to an old skylight, A‑One is not responsible. See Option 3 of the A‑One quote.


Glass Color Considerations

As part of specifying replacement skylights, the Design Review Committee considered three colors but selected one.
Bronze (smoked tint) — REJECTED
Opaque (white) — APPROVED

White-only Rationale

Though other colors were considered, the Design Review Committee selected white only.
  • All original skylights in the complex are opaque (white).
  • Some Owners will elect to keep their existing skylights.
  • If other colors had been allowed, the complex would have been be a mix of white, clear, and bronze. There would not have been the consistency that exists now.
  • Some manufacturers do not offer clear because they claim it does not provide enough UV protection.
  • The clear and bronze colors would show more dirt (and bird poop) than the white opaque.

Date: April 27, 2015
To the Crown Harbor HOA Board:
The Design Review Committee collected a consensus regarding the selection of skylight color in proceeding with the roofing project. The Committee recommends the use of the current white opaque skylight. This recommendation is made to facilitate the continuing uniform skylight color throughout the community as the project progresses. We do not have any way of knowing how many owners will want to replace their skylights and how many will reuse the original one, so we will probably be blending old and new skylights and the white opaque will facilitate either choice.
Carol Ansley
Ellen Marshall
Co-Chairs, Design Review Committee



Owners are considering:
  • A‑One Roof Management & Construction: As part of the roof replacement project:

    • cost from supplier (opaque): $1,200.00
    • other parts and supplies: $225.00
    • installation: $210.00 (3½ hours per skylight)
    • markup: $300.00 (covers damage replacement)
    • total: $1,725.00

    The cost for the skylights include ordering, shipping, bringing them on site, storing, and staging them, and the labor to put on the roof at the correct time. If the skylight is damaged or scratched, A‑One will handle replacement. A‑One obtains skylights from a local supplier, so there is no shipping delay for a replacement. See Option 1 of the A‑One quote.

    An A1-supplied-skylight is included in the roof warranty of 10 years. If a leak is caused by their installation or a manufacturing defect in the skylight, the Association can request repair from A‑One using the roof warranty. The skylight does not provide UV protection.

  • EZ Tops World Wide:

    • clear: $617.95
    • tinted: $713.95
    • opaque: $679.95

    This company only supplies the glass. The strategy for using this company would be to replace the glass but use the existing frame; however, the cost of disassembling the existing frame, inserting the new glass, resealing, and reassembling the old frame may outweigh the cost of a new frame. The skylight does not provide UV protection.

  • Buy Skylights

    • Clear, tinted, and opaque are available — all for the same price.
    • For a quantity of 1: $1,379.00 (plus tax)
    • For a quantity of 54: $1,134.00 (plus tax)
    • The required lead time is one to two weeks. See quote.

    If Owners decide to buy skylights themselves, A‑One requires that they would be at the Unit and ready to go when the roofing for their particular Unit is ready to be done. There would be extra costs should if A‑One has to go back to a Unit whose roof has already been done.

    A‑One has submitted a bid to install skylights purchased from other companies. See Option 2 of the A‑One quote. With this quote, for Buy Skylights:

    • installation: $535.00
    • total: $1,669.00 (for a group purchase of a quantity of 54)
    • total: $1,914.00 (for an individual Owner who purchases on his own)

    If a skylight is Owner supplied, A‑One is only responsible for an installation warranty and not a material warranty. If a leak is caused by a skylight manufacturer defect or other issues beyond control of A‑One, repair responsibility falls back on the Owner. A‑One's standard installation warranty is 2 years. The skylight does not provide UV protection.

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