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List of Historical Tree Issues

The map below corresponds to issues as of September 22, 2015.


The 9 items below correspond to the numbered locations on the map above.

  1. The median strip. We have a plan for that area. Cagwin & Dorward submitted a design. We were going to use the EBMUD Pays program; however, landscapers have recommended against planting under these end of summer drought condition. The Sycamores in the median strip also are very stressed and raised the issue of removing them and starting from scratch on that strip. The strip is currently on hold for more favorable weather (el Niño).

  2. Alder trees. They have been dying of old age at the rate of 1-2 per year.

  3. Tree replacements needs on Queens. The northeast corner is bare because of the Federal trees that blew over in one of our "pineapple connection" storms.

  4. The corner of Queens and Kings. Crown Harbor has had massive failures on that general site. The HOA lost some very larger pines to the pine beetles. The Cagwin & Dorward crew also removed a significant of vegetation during the crime spree in that area along Kings. That will have to all be redone. There is a major complication. Crown Harbor does not own the land all the way to the fence. The HOA property line is about 20 ft. to the west. GSA is selling the property, and there is no way to know what the new owners will want with the fence. The Board had it worked out with EBRPD. GSA has informed Crown Harbor that they want to review any planting plans.

  5. Bushes along Kings, Crown, and elsewhere. The HOA routinely has Cagwin & Dorward do hard pruning of HOA bushes. That process opens them up and keeps them from layering.

  6. Eucalyptus in the southern horseshoe. The large trees in the horseshoe drop debris. When the branches get heavy with the fruit and seeds, they can break off. The HOA trims to keep the heavy branches away from the homes. There are also a repeated requests by some residents pruning for the views, while others want the privacy they offer.

  7. The middle horseshoe. The middle horseshoe has a few tree problems. The large liquid ambers are on Cagwin & Dorward's list of pruning this fall. Crown Harbor also has an annual pruning of many of the trees to prevent them from blocking the views. This cannot be done by the regular crew. They have an 8 foot limit which means that the HOA contracts the tree service branch of Cagwin & Dorward. The contractor is a certified arborist and monitors the timing and degree of the hard pruning. They are swamped with drought related business.

  8. Small ornamental trees along most of the streets. The complex has many flower plums and ornamental pear trees along the streets. Those are also dying over time from old age and drought-related stress.

  9. Ballena Bay pathway. The vegetation along the pathway is a bit of an hodgepodge. The HOA started a program of ice plant/ivy removal and replacement. A contractor did the small section down by the Northwest gate. Other sections have been taken on by residents and in some cases the gardening club from a few years back. There has been a learning curve. Past committees have found that there are good choices of plants that seem very hardy in the bay front environment. Unfortunately, committees have also learned that one needs to be cautious with invasive plants.

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