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Water Use Reduction Project

The Crown Harbor water use reduction project is only in the planning phase. Given the current limitations on water use imposed throughout California and realities of current and future increases in the cost of water, it behooves the association to consider all of its options.


Usage History

Even before California was under mandatory water restrictions, the Landscaping Committee reduced Crown Harbor water usage as indicated in this EBMUD Report.
cut back

California Mandate

  • The California State Assembly has passed, and the governor has signed into law, Assembly Bill 1881, The Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO) which requires all properties (of certain types) that have 2,500 square feet (1,000 square feet in San Francisco) of landscape area to reduce their water usage for irrigation by 10% by the year 2016.
  • WELO requires a reduction of 20% by the year 2020.
test bed

Use Front Entrance as a Test Bed

The Landscape Committee worked with the Crown Harbor landscaper to reduce water consumption at the front entrance. The dead grass was replaced with bark chips and a drip system.
before after
This area was selected because:
  • The area is small in size.
  • Since it is outside the entrance gate, the area is not immediately adjacent to Crown Harbor units.
  • The sprinkler system has been subject to damage by large vehicles using our entrance to make U-turns.
  • The sprinkler heads have been the subject of tampering by activists who resent any watering at Crown Harbor at all.
  • Reducing foliage in this area makes it safer for sidewalk pedestrians as cars enter and exit Crown Harbor.
  • As the most visible portion of our property to the general public, reducing water consumption here shows passers-by that Crown Harbor is doing its part to reduce water consumption.

Recycled Water

EBMUD does not deliver recycled water for storage and use at customer properties. Their current focus is on expanding their recycled water pipeline system (see map). Ultimately, this pipeline is expected to reach Alameda, so EBMUD can consider Crown Harbor in its expansion study.


The committee looked into possible rebates that would help recoup the cost. Unfortunately most were small or had rules that made them not apply.
landscape architect

Landscape Architect

Once the test project has been completed and a suitable time has passed to see the long-term results, the committee can consider changes to other parts of the complex.
  • For the full site project, the Landscaping Committee will solicit proposals from landscape architects.
  • The goal is to have the community approve a design that maintains the attractiveness of our common areas, improves property values, and lowers costs by reducing the amount of water required.

Community Input

  • Regular Landscaping Committee meetings are open to the community. These will suffice for the test project for the median strip.
  • For redoing the whole complex, once a proposal from landscape architects are in hand, a series of community meetings would be held, much like what was done for the roof assessment.

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