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Water Use Reduction Rebates

Given the current limitations on water use imposed throughout California and realities of current and future increases in the cost of water, it behooves the association to consider any rebates that are available.


EBMUD Connection

The Landscaping Committee is working with:
  • Richard W. Harris, PE
    EBMUD Manager of Water Conservation

  • EBMUD is looking to assist and showcase water saving projects in 9 communities in the areas they serve. The new rebate program is tentatively called "PAYS."

  • The public access path of Crown Harbor makes showcasing a project in our community attractive to EBMUD.


Possible Rebates

Actually there are several programs Crown Harbor could consider:
  • Property assessed clean energy (PACE) — A means to finance water and energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements on private property. Pace programs allow local governments, state governments or other authorities to fund the up-front cost of improvements on commercial and residential properties, which are paid back usually on owners' property tax bills. To learn more, go to

  • Pay-as-you-save (PAYS) programs — Enable building owners or tenants to purchase and install money-saving resource-efficient measures with no up-front payment and no debt obligation. Those who benefit from the water, energy and money savings pay for these measures through a charge on their utility bill, but only for as long as they occupy the location where the measures are installed. See the EBMUD PAYS PDF for more information.

  • Investment tax credit — There is a 30% federal tax credit for solar systems on residential and commercial properties that expires at the end of 2016. The company that installs, develops or finances the project uses the credit. If the homeowner purchases the solar system outright, the residential investment tax credit goes to the homeowner. To learn more, go to At this point, solar is not involved in the Crown Harbor equation.

  • Cash for Grass — Communities can reduce their water bills and earn rebates for one or more landscape and irrigation equipment upgrades. Up to $20,000 Commercial and Multi-Family (5 units or more) is available. See EBMUD's lawn conversion and irrigation update rebates for more information.

    • Plants that need water more than once a week in July do not qualify, e.g., trees, shrubs, annuals, or invasive species.
    • Artificial turf does not qualify because it does not support soil health or provide habitat, is destined for the landfill when it wears out, may contain heavy metals, and creates a heat island effect because it doesn't cool the air like a natural landscape.

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