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Landscaping Zones


Crown Harbor is divided up into 4 landscaping zones. Routine landscaping occurs on Fridays. On a given Friday, landscapers work on one zone. The landscapers service the zones on a rotating basis.



The landscaper for Crown Harbor is Cagwin & Dorward.
  • Established: 1955
  • Incorporated: 1961 — State of California
  • State Corporation ID Number: C0408034
  • Project Lead: Javier Murillo


  • Mow grass
  • Trim bushes
  • Gather and remove clippings and trimmings
    • Though leaf blowers are noisy, they are used.
    • Though vacuum units are less noisy, their use would be more expensive.
    • The landscapers try to minimize blower use.
  • Control weeds
    • The landscapers will often pull larger weeds by hand.
    • For hard to get weeds and those in the concrete cracks, they will use a herbicide.
    • The herbicide targets photosynthesis (not humans) and has been approved to be use in areas along the Bay.
    • The landscapers are very cautious and does not over spray (blue dye purposely added).
  • Hard pruning (done annually)
  • Protect siding/paint by clearing away foliage


  • The budget for the monthly service contract is $3,806.
  • Landscaping is conducted weekly.
  • With 76 units in Crown Harbor, that is $12.52 per week per Owner.

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