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After-Hours Emergency Call Procedure

Associa Northern California provides after-hours emergency service to associations. The on-call managers take the steps necessary to abate emergencies. Here is the at-a-glance breakdown of the call process:

call After the office is closed at 5:00 p.m. Homeowners/Residents who call the main line phone number receive a recorded message that our office is closed.
emergency The reporting party (caller) is then prompted by the message that if this is a true emergency, they should follow the steps to contact the after hours emergency service.
costs In the recorded message the caller is advised that if it is deemed a later time that the situation was not a true emergency, the corresponding homeowner account may be billed for all charges incurred.
steps Addressing the issue
  • Homeowner/Resident contacts Associa Northern California after hours (5:00 p.m.).

  • Homeowner/Resident is advised via recording to follow the prompts to contact the after hours emergency service.

  • Associa Northern California's answering service takes the emergency call, requesting the callers name, address, description of the problem and contact information.

  • The answering service relays the message immediately to the one of the after hours emergency managers.

  • The after hour emergency manager contacts the caller to verify the issue and clarify any missing information.

  • If it is deemed that a vendor should be dispatched, the after hours emergency manager will refer to the Associations Operations Manual which lists the service vendors for each account and the account preferences for how items should be handled.

  • If this call is routine, the property manager is not called. If situation is severe (i.e., flood, fire, or life safety) the property manager is contacted and notified of the situation.

  • The vendor is dispatched and provides the appropriate service. If there are access issues or other issues, the vendor communicates these to the after hours manager.

paperwork When the service call is complete, the vendor contacts the after hours emergency manager to inform him/her of resolution.
  • The after hours manager contacts the reporting party (caller) and advises him/her of the resolution.

  • Each morning, the answering service faxes a report of the calls that were received the night or weekend before to the Newark Office.

  • The following steps are taken to follow-up on emergency calls listed on the report:

    • A work order is entered into a data base for the vendor that abated the emergency.
    • The manager follows up with the vendor with a phone call on the next business day.
    • This will get the work order into a tracking system for follow-up. As with all work orders, the work order letter is sent if a residence was involved. The words EMERGENCY SERVICE are included in the work order description.
    • The management team follows up with the homeowner and/or the on-call managers (if necessary) the day the report is received to ensure that the problem is completely resolved.
record These steps ensure that Associa Northern California has a record of emergency incidents and provides excellent customer service to associations.

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