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Second Floor Balconies

The following information applies to upper floor balconies. Owners who wish to make alterations must file an Architectural Variance Request.


Upper Only

These guidelines pertain only to the upper enclosed solid-wall balconies of the shingled buildings, not the exposed balconies of buildings with siding (not shingles) which already have open slats.

Solid versus Open

These guidelines permit the solid front wall of a shingled upper balcony to be replaced with an open slat design as found in other models. Only the front wall may be revised. The side solid-shingle walls must be left in place.
  • 2 inch by 2 inch vertical paint grade wood balusters
  • 3 7/8 inch spacing
side by side

Set-back Independent

The revision to the upper shingled balconies may be made to any of these units, and to any single balcony in a 2-unit shingled building, regardless of the unit set-backs. While the 2 units of a building may be contiguous and parallel, the balconies do not share a common wall.

Paint Color

The revised balcony slats should be painted the base color of the building and the entire top rail/cap painted in the trim color. The Design Review Committee maintains a chart of colors in use and can identify colors on a per unit basis. This is documented on the Association paint palette.


All costs associated with the revision are the responsibility of the owner unless the structure is in need of complete replacement.


Owners must obtain a building permit for the revision as this is a modification to the building, not the fencing.

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