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Bollard Lights

The bollard lights along the seaside path are governed by the Association. They are part of common area.



The 240 volt power was not removed. It still runs to each bollard. Each bollard contains it's own transformer to step down the voltage. The Association used an adapter to change the large socket to a standard bulb socket and used a minimum of 150 watts for the transformer. This means that the bollards can use ANY STANDARD household bulb up to 150 watts To get the most rebate from the City, the Association used a 75 watt equivalent LED. It was chosen and provided by the contractor. Pagano's does not carry them. Although they exist, 75 watt equivalent LEDs are not commonly used. A lot of 60 watt equivalent LEDs can be found in stores, but not 75 watts. The Maintenance Committee has extra bulbs provided by the contractor if the Association ever needs to change any.

Another problem seen is bad connections in the sockets; probably due to the salt atmosphere. The bulb and the adapter socket get loose or corroded. Sometimes, just unscrewing and re-seating them works. Using some conductive lubricant (like they use on car light bulbs) on the threaded surfaces helps keep the connection and reduces corrosion.



  • After learning that the 100 watt equivalent Phillips bulb was not Energy Star certified, the Association changed the replacement bulb to the Maxlite SKB015DLED30.
  • This was a 75 watt equivalent bulb that draws only 15 watts.
  • The Maxlite SKB015DLED30 is no longer available. Its replacement is the Maxlite SKB11DLED30.
  • This is a 75 watt equivalent bulb that draws only 11 watts.
  • This bulb is Energy Star certified.


Quanten Electrical Corporate Services
Jerry Myers,



In 2015, the bollard lights were rewired as part of an energy conservation project. The instructions at the time included:

Using existing bollards, contractor shall provide all materials, parts (including bulbs) and labor required to:

  • Open each bollard.
  • Disconnect and remove the existing bulb, all ballast, and starter equipment/
  • Install a 240 volt to 110 volt step-down transformer capable of carrying a load of no less than 150 watts.
  • Connect the 110 volt secondary of the transformer to the existing fixture.
  • Insert a ceramic mogul to standard medium socket reducer in the existing mogul socket. (a ceramic socket extender may be used if necessary to raise new bulb to the bollard openings)
  • Insert an Energy Star approved, omni-directional LED lamp that provides as much light as a 100 watt incandescent bulb. A warmer color temperature is preferred.

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