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Crown Harbor Homeowner Association

Dues and Assessment Processing

Processes are in place for routine and delinquent processing of regular monthly dues and special assessments.


Monthly Dues Processing

Dues are processed accordingly:
  • Monthly dues are due on the 1st of each month.
  • A $25 late fee is assessed for dues payments received after 15th of the month.

Assessment Processing

  • Assessments are due by December 31.
  • An assessment is not considered delinquent until it is 15 days late. For tax purposes, this allows owners to execute financial transactions after January 1 and still make their assessment payments on time.
  • Making partial payments during the year is permissible as long as the full assessment amount has been paid by the due date.

Delinquent Dues and Assessment Processing

  • Owners with delinquent dues of 2 months (or more) are invited to an executive session with the Board to work out a plan to get dues current.
  • Delinquent dues of three months (or more) are placed into collections.
  • A pre-lien process begins 30 days after delinquent dues have been placed into collections.
  • Two weeks after the start of the pre-lien process, the Board approves a motion to file a lien (Notice of Delinquent Assessment).
  • A Notice of Delinquent Assessment is filed 30 days after the pre-lien process.
  • A more formal process (foreclosure or court) begins with delinquent dues of one year or $1,800 — whichever is larger.


  • A Notice of Default and Election to Sell is filed 30 days after the Notice of Delinquent Assessment.
  • A Notice of Sale is filed 90 days after the Notice of Default and Election to Sell.
  • The property is sold to Crown Harbor Association 21 days after the Notice of Sale.
  • The delinquent owners have 90 days after the sale to redeem the property.
  • The delinquent owners are evicted at the end of the 90 day redemption period.
  • Crown Harbor Association sells the property to recoup its losses and pays any other outstanding creditors with the net proceeds (if any remain) going to the owner.


  • If the amount owed (apart from fees and penalties) is less than or equal to $5,000, the matter is addressed in Small Claims Court.
  • Amounts greater than $5,000 are addressed in unlimited Civil Court.
  • The Association seeks a judgement to compel payment of monies owed (including additional fees, penalties, and court costs).
  • In the event the judgement is granted but ignored, the Association seeks an owner asset examination appointed by the court.
  • The net result of this process is voluntary payment or garnishment of income.

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