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  • Crown Harbor has had a series of issues with blocked sewer laterals. Most of those issues are caused by roots working their way into the piping, growing uncontrolled and eventually blocking the pipe. To keep our pipes clean, we instituted an annual ritual of flushing a special chemical down our toilets to prevent root growth.
  • September is the time for the annual flush. The Board provides the chemicals to each home with instructions. All residents need to do is dump the canister in the toilet on the appointed day, at the appointed time, and flush. Then wait a few hours (if possible) before flushing any toilets again. All toilets in a unit share the same sewer lateral.
  • Why is it necessary for everyone to "flush" within the same general timeframe? So the chemicals make their way into all of the pipes in the complex and into our pumping station. It takes a village!

Action Requested

The Board is requesting that you flush a bottle of the root killer, Roebic, down your downstairs toilet on

Saturday, October 31, 2020 11:00 AM PST.

We have had significant problems with roots clogging our lateral lines. In some cases, this has led to significant damage repair costs for the Association.

A bottle of Roebic will be delivered before the "big flush" date. Roebic Foaming Root Killer can be used in California and is only disallowed in Florida. [Roebic] Roebic Foaming Root Killer is a contact root killer and will only kill the roots it comes in direct contact with. It will not harm the trees.



For cases where the material is caked:

  1. Open the Roebic bottle by removing the top.
  2. Get a completely dry bucket (or container that you would never drink from).
  3. Use a screwdriver (not a spoon or anything that you would ever eat with) to scrape the material from the bottle into the bucket.

Once the material is ready:

  1. Add the entire 1 pound of material to the downstairs toilet bowl.
  2. Immediately flush the toilet to avoid the foaming that will occur. A second flush may be necessary for a low-flow toilet.
  3. The foaming action could cause the bowl to overflow.
  4. In the case of a low flush toilet you might flush again or even three times.
  5. Restrict water flow from sinks, showers, and all toilets for four to six hours.
  6. Do not apply the product to a sink or bathtub!

This product has low human toxicity; however, avoid direct contact with the substance. Wash your hands after you apply, then dispose of the bottle in the outdoor trash can.



Should you have any questions or would like some assistance please contact the Board at


Safe Chemicals Only

  • The Roebic that is being used throughout the community is safe to humans.
  • While on the topic of chemical use at Crown Harbor, the weed killer used by the landscapers is also safe for humans.
  • In addition, when the landscapers weed control along the bayside path, they use a pre-emergent herbicide that is specifically allowed near the Bay.
  • When the annual ground wasp invasion along the same path hits, the pest control crew uses a special insecticide due to the proximity to the Bay.

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