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Crown Harbor Homeowner Association

CC&R Committee

To maintain property values and ensure a consistently pleasant experience for all community members, the Association documents govern life in the Association. Owners are provided with complete copies as part of the closing process.

Governing Documents

PDF Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions (CC&Rs)
PDF Bylaws
PDF Articles of Incorporation


Did you know?

  • All signs (real estate or other) are prohibited. Exceptions are listed in the CC&Rs, Article III, Section 3.4, Paragraph (k).
  • All units are for residential purposes only, and no business of any kind is to be conducted from Crown Harbor homes.
  • Since it impacts the ability of potential buyers to acquire loans, the number of rental units in the association is limited by the CC&Rs. Owners can apply to the Board of Directors to place units on the market for rent. The Board of Directors must be notified of the names and telephone numbers of all tenants. No unit is to be rented for less than 60 days. See excerpts from the CC&Rs on the rentals page.

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