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Central Avenue Project

The city of Alameda Public Works department has a grant to develop a concept proposal to improve Central Avenue. The planned improvements include reducing the number of traffic lanes to make room for a bikeway and enhance pedestrian access.

The City of Alameda won a $7.3 million Caltrans Active Transportation Program grant to fund the bicycle and pedestrian portions of the Central Avenue Safety Improvement Project: Central Avenue Safety Improvement Project (Main Street/Pacific Avenue to Sherman Street/Encinal Avenue) — $3.5 million in FY 2019-20 for construction. Hence, it is a fully funded project.

Despite being fully funded, the City Council approved the proposed plan except for the portion between Webster Street and Page Street. The plan kept all 4 traffic lanes for automobiles since many motorists proceed down Webster in route to Eighth Street. Although the plan avoided creating unacceptable traffic congestion at Webster and Central, the council deemed the plan too dangerous for cyclists to share the travel lanes with cars between Webster Street and Page Street. See the map. The bordering properties, such as 1400 Webster, cannot be razed to make more room (i.e., widen the roadway) as the Kroll's building is a historical landmark. The Alameda Transportation board is now considering its options. As such, the project is not likely to start construction in July 2018 as planned.

What are the issues for Crown Harbor?

lanes before

More Difficult Crown Harbor Entry/Exit

  • A reduction of 4 traffic lanes on Central Avenue to 3 (2 traffic lanes plus a turning lane) would result in a more steady stream of vehicles, making it more difficult to enter and exit Crown Harbor.

  • The City should more fully leverage other streets (e.g., Lincoln, Pacific, Santa Clara) instead of proceeding with the Central Avenue Project.

"Safety First on Central Avenue" in the Alameda Sun indicates this is not the case. To make a left turn in the current configuration, a vehicle leaving Crown Harbor has to ensure two lanes of oncoming traffic (on the left) are clear and also the first travel lane (no cars coming from the right). In the proposed configuration, the vehicle would only have to ensure one lane is clear to the left, proceed into the turning lane, pause, and then proceed into the travel lane when no cars are coming from the right. The turn-only lane provides Crown Harbor residents with a buffer to make the left turn in two steps.

lanes after

More Congestion near Crown Harbor

  • Accessing other parts of Alameda from Crown Harbor would be more difficult due to increased traffic congestion.

  • The growth in the ferry and Alameda Point traffic will increase the traffic on Central Avenue as vehicles pass Crown Harbor to reach the center of town.

  • Central Avenue is a Truck/Transit road, and UPS/FedEx ability to deliver to Crown Harbor will be impacted.

  • Emergency vehicle access will be impacted.

At Central Avenue Project Workshop #2, the City acknowledged that with the road diet, the traffic delays and congestion at Webster and Central will be very substantial. To mitigate this, the recently updated plan calls for leaving two traffic lanes on when driving on Central Avenue from Webster to Eighth. The city has contacted Alameda police to request that vehicles be allowed to use the turning lane to go around delivery trucks that are temporarily stopped in the travel lane.

not like shoreline

Central Avenue (near Crown Harbor) would be as bad as Shoreline

  • If Central Avenue were configured like Shoreline, all drivers in route to/from Crown Harbor run the risk of crashing into the opening doors of passengers exiting their parked cars. See "Bike lane; was a fan, now a foe" in the Alameda Sun.

  • The City should study the results of the Shoreline road diet for some period of time before proceeding with another project.

The planned configuration for Central Avenue near Crown Harbor is not like Shoreline; however, the road diet is intended to slow down traffic to the posted speed limit of 25 mph.


Public use of Crown Harbor's Private Parking

  • If the plans included a reduction of parking spaces on Central Avenue, it would encourage nearby residents to use Crown Harbor public path spaces for their routine parking.

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) parking specifications require an 8 foot width, but all of the Central Avenue Project design options are only a 7 foot width.

  • One way to enhance the safety for entrances/exits to/from Central Avenue is to not allow parking for 20 feet on both sides of the entrance to Crown Harbor. Adhering to this traffic standard would reduce available on-street parking.

Though not part of current plans, potential changes could reduce the number of parking spaces on Central Avenue.

What can the Crown Harbor Community Do?

The simple answer is to get involved in a variety of ways.


Join the Email List

  • Request that you be added to the Central Avenue Concept Proposal email list by sending an email to Gail Payne who is the city of Alameda Transportation Coordinator.
  • After you send that email, you will receive a verification email as a response.
  • Click on the link in that email, and you are on the list.

Get Informed


Comment in the Online Open Forum

  • Visit the online forum.
  • You can register to participate in the forum using your email address and picking a password.
  • You will get a verification email from Peak Democracy.
  • Click on the link in that email, and you are now verified.
  • You can visit the forum, log in using your email address and password, and post your comments.

Attend the Public Meetings

Community Workshop #2

  • When: Thursday, September 17
  • Time: 6:30 pm
  • Location: Encinal High School Cafeteria (210 Central Avenue)
See the meeting report from Crown Harbor resident Don Gibson.

Transportation Commission Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, July 22
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Location: City Council Chambers (2263 Santa Clara AVE)

Community Workshop #3

  • When: Thursday, September 17
  • Time: 6:30 pm
  • Location: Encinal High School Cafeteria (210 Central Avenue)
See the meeting report from Crown Harbor resident Scott Sheppard.

Transportation Commission Meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, November 18
  • Time: 7:00 pm
  • Location: City Council Chambers (2263 Santa Clara AVE)

Support I Drive Alameda

  • A group of concerned citizens have formed an advocacy group and started a petition on
  • As the city moves to become more transit/bicycle friendly, they feel the realities of the need to drive are being ignored.
  • Community members can sign the petition.
  • Facebook users can like the I Drive Alameda Facebook page.
  • Community members can print and distribute the I Drive Alameda flyer.
bike alameda

Support Bike Walk

  • Bike Walk Alameda's mission is to make Alameda a safe and enjoyable place to walk and bike.
  • Community members can visit the website.
  • Community members can join and read their monthly newsletter.


Write the City Council using the template from Chuck Myers and Heidi Veneman

Some of the Crown Harbor residents who attended the city planning meeting about the Central Avenue plan were pretty upset about the meeting process and the ideas presented. I have crafted something Heidi and I will send to the Council. You can make it available for personalizing and copying.

Contact the Transportation Coordinator

If you have any concerns or questions A resident of Crown Harbor has proposed an alternative to the city's preferred alternative. This alternative is available as a web page or a PDF PDF document.

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