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Temporary Dumpsters

Section 3.5 of the CC&Rs indicates that all trash containers need to be housed in garbage enclosures. This is not possible for Owners who wish to temporarily make use of dumpsters.



  • Permission to make use of a dumpster must be obtained in advance via the Board so as to avoid inconveniencing any residents.
  • Dumpsters may be temporarily placed on the apron area (i.e., driveway) or inside the garage for the unit.
  • The dumpster may not extend into the street to avoid blocking emergency vehicles.
  • If the apron is used, cars should be temporarily parked in non-reserved parking spots since garage entry/exit will be blocked.
  • Dumpsters may reside in Crown Harbor for one week.


  • Alameda County Industries (ACI) has a Debrix Box service.
  • Alameda County residents can complete a form to have a debrix box delivered.
  • Debrix boxes are available in 10', 15', 20', 30', 40', and 50' sizes. Based on the Crown Harbor garage and apron sizes, only the 10' or 15' size is practical.
  • Over a period of days, the debrix box is filled by the resident.
  • The resident then schedules a pick-up two days in advance.
  • ACI picks up the debris box, and the resident is charged. There is an extra charge for overweight debrix boxes.
  • As of January 17, 2014, the cost for one delivery/pick-up of a non-overweight 10' (2 ton limit) dumpster is $535.80. The cost for a 15' (3 ton limit) is $803.70. The current prices are listed on the form.

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