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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about the neighboring property.

  1. What property is involved in the project?


    You can see part of Crown Harbor in the image above.


  2. What are the options?

    There are two options:

    • East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD)

      expanded park with a maintenance yard

    • Tim Lewis Communities (TLC)

      Crown Harbor-like community of 48 units


  3. What are the pro's and cons of the options?

    Pro Con
    proposed park improvements are quite impressive maintenance yard may be unsightly (since it does not appear on the site plan)
    no concerns over affordable housing right next door missed opportunity to improve our complex by negotiating with developer
    in line with Measure WW (passed in 2008) to expand the park unsure if Parks Department would spend additional tax dollars to address Crown Harbor issues
      no new general non-site improvements to this end of town
    Pro Con
    48 unit complex could have higher retail prices that drive up the comps in the area and raise Crown Harbor unit sale prices if Sierra Club wins its battle to increase density, a 95 unit complex could have lower retail prices that drive down the comps in the area and lower Crown Harbor unit sale prices
    additional tax revenue for the city for street repair and other services increase in auto and pedestrian traffic along Central Avenue
    developer eager to work with Crown Harbor to address concerns possible increase in overall noise in general area
      in violation of Measure A (City Charter) that forbids new apartment complexes


  4. What would the developed property look like?

    Site Plan


    source: EBRPD comment letter
    Site Plan


    Lot Today



    EBRPD Today




  5. What are the issues for Crown Harbor?

    Issue Related Information
    Laws   The EBRPD plan is in line with Measure WW which was passed in 2008 to expand the park.
      The TLC plan is in violation of Measure A which prohibits new apartment complexes on the island.
    Zoning   EBRPD contends that the city rezoned from commercial to residential without an Environmental Impact Report (EIR).
      The new TLC development helps the city meet its state-mandated housing plan. The city is eager to collect permitting fees and future property taxes from additional residential units.
    Sale   EBRPD wanted the property but could not meet the GSA (General Services Administration) asking price.
      TLC paid approximately 3 times what EBRPD was willing to pay.
    Density   For EBRPD, a park is considered open space.
      The Sierra Club objects to the low density of 48 units. They would like to see TLC build 95 units on the property.
    Affordable Housing   The point is moot if EBRPD expands Crab Cove.
      TLC has offered to construct 7 low-income units at another location so the City of Alameda can remain within established guidelines for the amount of low-income housing.
    Storm Drainage   EBRPD proposes to use the existing storm drainage system for the new property. The drain lines from the property currently empty at several points into the Crown Harbor drain line that runs from the corner of Queens, down Kings to the Bay. Though the amount of runoff from a developed property would probably be less than the current asphalt parking lot, legal issues might come up if, for some reason, those lines cause flooding.
      The same situation applies for TLC.
    Property Line   The current fence is not the correct property line. The real line is much closer to Kings Road. It would continue along the fence line on our eastern border (on Queens) to the survey stake in the Pathway by the gate. EBRPD would relocate the fence at their expense.
      TLC would also relocate the fence at their expense.
    Landscaping Zone   Crown Harbor currently maintain a landscape zone along the eastern boundary on Kings. We would strongly pursue EBRPD to provide a scenic easement in this area for screening and aesthetic purposes. We are unsure how willing they would be in working with us? There may be laws that prevent extra tax dollars from being spent just to satisfy us. The preliminary site plan appears to have vegetation to shield their site from our view.
      We would strongly pursue TLC to provide a scenic easement in this area for screening and aesthetic purposes. To date TLC has been willing to work with us. There may be additional improvements to our complex that we can negotiate.
    Egress for Pedestrians and Automobiles   EBRPD has made no mention of a desire to use Kings Road.
      TLC originally proposed egress onto Kings Road for vehicles and pedestrians. We opposed this, and they have dropped their request; however, the EIR should cover any traffic these egresses might generate.
    Scenery   EBRPD has not been a very tidy neighbor. Debris is often strewn about their existing property. Though the EBRPD site plan has many attractive features, the maintenance yard has the potential be more of the same.
      The TLC proposal allows three story units on the property and suggests they could be along our property line. We are concerned about privacy and any scenic impact caused if those units are directly on our common property line.


  6. How can Crown Harbor owners get involved?

    Owners can write a letter to the Planning Commission expressing their concerns:

    Andrew Thomas, AICP,
    Planning Services Manager
    Planning and Building Department
    2263 Santa Clara Avenue, Room 190
    Alameda, CA 94501
    Phone: 510.747.6881
    Fax: 510.747.6853

    Letters must be received by June 24.

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