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October 17, 2012
Neighboring Property



Crown Harbor Board of Directors

I met with Jim Meeks re the Neptune Beach/McKay property next door. It was a very good meeting and he went over the development and site plan in some detail. It will be an upscale residential unit in the price range of $800+K. He gave me some background on the bidding process and how the Regional Parks District is being a bit of a pill because they wanted the GSA (General Services Administration) to deed the land to them.

He wants to cooperate and get our input. We walked the site and he showed me some ideas. I have the site map and have attached it to this report. What I did is put numbers on parts of the map (see images to the left) to point out what proposals we need to think about and discuss.

  1. Property Line Fence: This dark line is the property line as we all know it and as our survey stakes confirm. We talked about moving the fence to that line. He said they would do that, but was also interested in removing the fence period.

  2. Bike path access and sidewalk: They are proposing that they would provide a sidewalk for the residents of our two complexes to be able to go through each other's properties.

  3. Emergency Vehicle Emergency Access Road: He has proposed an access for additional fire and police service. The idea would be to put in posts similar to what we have on our access points.

  4. Their property drainage is connected to our storm system right at the drains in front of 580 Kings. It connects at the circular drain in the street. There is nothing new here. The old site used the drain. He did that as a disclosure.

  5. The Sea Scout site. His company has no control of the site. That high fence and usage will likely stay there. The Park District does not seem to want to cooperate at this time on doing anything to improve or get a better use on that small square.

  6. This entrance area: They do not plan on putting security gates at the McKay street entrance.

So there are some serious issues for the Board to consider re this plan. Items 1-3 probably are the ones that we need to thinks about the most. I talked to him about the privacy issue and expressed the concerns of some of our residents about public access; however, I told him that the Board would have to make the decisions. I will schedule this for our October agenda for some preliminary discussion. If the Board would like Jim to meet with us he will do that.

Landscaping: We went over some ideas and concerns re the landscape strip. They intend to keep the strip regardless of the outcome of the fence decision. We went over some ideas for planning a project for the site. We agreed that it would be both HOAs to do a good job. He even offered to cover some of the costs of tree removal and replacement. I will be meeting with is arborist in the next couple of weeks to discuss planning. Some people have been concerned about the tagged trees. As I suspected, they are inventory tags and do not mean the trees are in danger of immediate removal.

So all in all, I found Mr. Meeks to be very much interested in getting along with us and was truly interested in cooperating. It is nice to have a dialogue started.


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