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December 10, 2012
Neighboring Property

John Russo had requested a meeting with me re the Neptune Beach/McKay property next door. As you know from the local press stories and letters to the editor, the Parks District has filed a CEQA lawsuit about the zoning of the property to residential. The Parks District wanted the property and did submit a bid. The GSA (General Services Administration) did not accept the bid because Tim Lewis Communities, the private developer, submitted a higher bid.

It was a very good meeting and he went over the development potential. At one point the City Planning director, Andrew Thomas, participated. The new zoning does allow the project present by Jim Meeks, which we discussed at our last meeting. We covered the following topics.

  • Parks Department Lawsuit: There appears to be some sour grapes attitude by the Regional Park regarding their not getting the property. Apparently the suit they have filed is premature. The zoning and tentative project plan has not been subject to a CEQA environmental report. That requirement will kick in when a site specific plan is submitted to the Planning Department by Tim Lewis Communities. At that point CEQA would allow a legal challenge to the environmental report.

  • The Low income housing requirement: There will be a requirement for a low income housing element in the 48 unit Tim Lewis plan. According to Andrew, they will need to provide a total of 7 "inclusionary zoned" units. This requirement would be met with the following breakdown of unit prices:

    • Three moderated income level units defined as 120 % of the Bay Area median.
    • Two low income level units defined at 80% of Bay Area median.
    • Two very low income level units defined as 60% of Bay Area median.
    • There is an interesting alternative allowed in State Law. The developers could purchase the equivalent 7 units elsewhere in Alameda. That action would satisfy the low income requirement for the property.
  • Site Specific Plan: Just a reminder that the proposal by Jim Meeks is just that. There is not a plan yet only a proposal that is consistent with the new zoning. The full plan will have to go before the Planning Board for modification (?) and approval.

  • Some Issues with the Parks and Their Attempt to Acquire the Site: Jim Meeks has made clear to us what their plans for the site might be. We have not heard a peep from Regional Parks.

    • They have not really made clear what they propose to do with the site. There has been some talk of it being parking.
    • There also has been some talk of expanding the existing maintenance area on the site.
    • Are they planning to have all of their trash containers, concrete debris, sharp wire etc. which are very messy on the site?
    • The 8 ft. fence they erected is an eye sore. It might have been erected without any Bay Area approvals. What would that mean for our border?
    • Overall, rather than blow money on lawsuits, I would like to see the district use the money to improve the site.


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