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Irrigation System Maintenance

In addition to the landscapers, the Landscaping Committee has 2 members who regularly inspect the irrigation system and look for issues. In the case of simple issues, they simply correct the problems. For more serious issues, they report them to the landscaper for repair.



The landscaper for Crown Harbor is Cagwin & Dorward.
  • Established: 1955
  • Incorporated: 1961 — State of California
  • State Corporation ID Number: C0408034
  • Project Lead: Javier Murillo


  • Inspect the system regularly for leaks.
  • Replace valves, piping, and heads as needed.
  • Respond to emergencies (any zone even if that zone is not being serviced for a given week).


  • The repairs to the irrigation system are billed separately from the regular maintenance contract.
  • The work of the volunteer sprinkler inspection team is at not cost.
  • The hidden cost is the expense of wasted water in this time of California drought.

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