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Obsolete Replacement Light Fixture

This page is for historical purposes only. As of January 2016, the fixture documented on this page has been replaced by the current fixture.


Obsolete Replacement Fixture

  • The original Crown Harbor light fixtures are no longer manufactured.
  • The approved replacement light was the Genie House 31111-VGS with the upper spokes removed.
  • The Genie House 31111-VGS was the closest available match to the original Crown Harbor lights and allows for individual lights to be replaced without replacing the entire set.


  • The Genie House 31111-VGS (with the upper spokes removed) was the only approved replacement option.
  • Genie House 31111-VGS lights were available from Bay Lightings of San Francisco.
  • Owners could contact Izabella Farkas at or 415-552-4110 for more information.
  • Lights took about 4 weeks to produce.


  • If a replacement fixture was for the external light closest to the street, a photocell must have been included; however, photocells can be included on all lights.
  • As of February 27, 2013, the cost per light was $450 without a photocell included. The ones with photocells are slightly more. If enough owners wanted to replace all 3 of their lights, perhaps they could have gotten a volume discount by pooling their orders together.

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