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Exterior Light Fixture Replacement Project

The exterior lights are governed by the Association; however, Section 6.1 (v) of the CC&Rs notes that all light fixtures operated by a switch inside the unit are part of owner maintenance and responsibilities. As such:

  • One of the exterior lights on each unit, the one closest to the street, has a dusk to dawn photocell, since it is required to be on as part of community safety compliance. There is no switch for this light, so replacement is the responsibility of the Association.
  • The remaining exterior lights, typically two, are controlled by a switch inside the unit, so replacements for these lights are the responsibility of the owner.

The electricity for each exterior light is provided by the unit.

To create a uniform appearance throughout the community, which would enhance all Unit values, in 2016, the Board opted to replace all of the carriage-style light fixtures — even those that are Owner responsibility.


Fixture Costs

After getting proposals from several light fixture suppliers, the negotiated price for Crown Harbor at Berkeley Lighting Company is:

$177.00$324.00Hubbardton Forge, Banded, Small
$204.00$357.00Hubbardton Forge, Banded, Medium

The negotiated price (includes fixture and glass) does not include tax, installation, light bulbs, nor the cost of photocells, motion sensors, nor timer switches. As an asset with a 30 year life expectancy, the funds for this project come from the reserve account.

88$177.00$28,764.00Hubbardton Forge, Banded, Small
141$204.00$15,576.00Hubbardton Forge, Banded, Medium
229$15.50$3,549.50Medium 12 Watts Frosted LED Bulbs
  $52,439.00Grand Total

See external lighting fixtures for more information on the light fixture specifications.


Lighting Control Options

  • For the external garage light closest to the street, a timer will be included. These lights are part of the Association's street lighting plan.
  • For the other lights controlled by a switch inside the unit, owners can opt to:
    • Turn them on and off manually via the switch.
    • Replace the manual switch with a timer switch that allows for the on/off times to be programmed.
    • The photocell and motion sensor options were investigated but abandoned due to technical and installation reasons.
  • See lighting controls for more information.

Installation Costs

88Hubbardton Forge, Banded, Small
65Hubbardton Forge, Banded, Medium
76Hubbardton Forge, Banded, Medium with photocell
76Intermatic E1600 in-garage timer switches for lights facing the street
63Intermatic E1600 in-unit timer switches for walkway and entrance lights
5Modification of existing light electrical lighting boxes to relocate the box within 12 inches of the current location

There are 5 instances where the new light will not fit where the old light was located. These instances are low overhangs which lack the vertical clearance required to easily change the light bulb. The plan is to move the fixture a few inches to allow for easy maintenance of the new fixture.


Lumiere Electric

Lumiere Electric completed the process to become an approved Associa Vendor. Lumiere Electric offers homeowners and commercial businesses a wide range of electrical products and services. From remodeling and troubleshooting, to rewiring and landscape lighting, they provide what matters most: quality service, affordability, and attention to detail. Founder, Martin Ortega, resides in Berkeley, CA. He attended Stanford University and San Francisco State University and actively pursued a film career in New York for several years. Upon his return, Martin embarked on a career in home improvement as a carpenter, handyman, woodworker and, ultimately, an electrician. As an electrician, he particularly values the "puzzle solving" aspect of the job. There is always a new and intricate problem to resolve whether it's a residential or commercial lighting job.

Original Bid: $17,200.00 (see PDF)

The project was modified to use all timers instead of a mix of timers, photocells, and motion sensors.

Original Bid: $25,210.00 (see PDF)


Smallman Electrical and Construction

Smallman Electrical and Construction supplied a bid. Tim Smallman, the general contractor behind Smallman Construction and Electric, has been in the construction industry for over 20 years. In 2003, Tim decided to leave the corporate world behind and get back to what he loved most about construction: helping his friends, neighbors, and anyone in need achieve their home and business improvement dreams. By founding his company on a principal of customer service, open book bidding, and integrity, Tim has been blessed with a great deal of success. This success has enabled him to expand operations and create an electrical division in 2006.

Bid: $36,748.39 (see PDF)


Current Electric and Lighting

Current Electric is a privately held company in Concord, CA proudly doing business for 28 years. They have over 1100 HOAs as customers. Their experience includes: street lighting, lighting consultation, lighting repair services, light fixture ballasts and drivers, HOA lighting specialists, light fixtures materials and parts, light fixtures, light fixtures cleaning services, light fixtures wholesale, decorative light bulbs, underwater lights, solar lighting, outdoor lighting, light tubes, light bulbs, and fluorescent lighting.

Bid: $19,742.54 (see PDF)


Installation Coordinators

Unfortunately, due to the delivery date of the lights, Gene McDermott will not be available to be Crown Harbor's on-site representative during the lighting installation; however, the following owners have volunteered to be available at various times during the installation dates (5/23-6/10) to help gain access to homes, provide direction, coordinate the recycle bin with ACI, or get the right person on the phone to assist the installation or access questions. No one person can be available the entire time, so once the project gets moving these gentlemen can coordinate with you on who is available on what days.

  • Tom Burns (Primary)
  • Dave Eck (Backup)
  • Burny Matthews (Backup)

All three of these gentlemen are part of our maintenance committee and are fairly familiar with the community. They currently replace the photocells when they stop working, replace the light bulbs, etc.

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