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Parking Spaces

community parking

Inside Crown Harbor

Residents are requested to keep their vehicles in their garages (or deeded parking spots). Common area parking is generally intended for guests. Parking in the complex is permitted only in designated parking areas, NOT in driveways or on the street.
  • Each unit has a provision for two parking spaces.
  • For homes with double garages, both spaces are inside the garage.
  • For homes with single garages, the second space is an outside assigned space.
  • A handful of double garage homes also have an outside assigned space as part of their deeds.
  • For assigned spaces, anywhere within the Parking Area (PA) is permissible. There are no specifically assigned spaces within the PA.
  • Converting garages to some other use resulting in the need for permanent outside parking is prohibited.
  • Unassigned general common area parking spaces are available on a "first-come, first-serve" basis.
not allowed
not allowed


Temporary Parking

  • The Association rules prohibit parking in driveways which are referred to as aprons in the CC&Rs. This is because Crown Harbor streets are very narrow, and emergency vehicles may need to drive on these aprons (such as when one emergency vehicle needs to go around another emergency vehicle already in the street). This rule is in place for the safety of all residents.
  • Being practical, everyone recognizes that there are times when residents need to have their cars in their driveways such as for loading and unloading. So the common sense policy of "keys in hand" has been adopted. If a resident is outside with his/her vehicle, with keys in hand, the vehicle may be temporarily parked on the apron. The thinking is that the resident could immediately move the vehicle into the garage if an emergency vehicle approached. Even with this practice, overnight parking on the apron, even if the vehicle completely fits inside the apron (length-wise or sideways) is not allowed.
  • Contractors working outside units come under the keys in hand policy since they can easily move their vehicles out of the way.
public parking

Outside the Crown Harbor gate

  • Sun Up to Sun Down: Pathway users have an easement to use these spaces to walk the seaside path only. Parking is limited to 4 hours per space during hours of daylight.
  • Sun Down to Sun Up: Parking spaces are reserved for residents of Crown Harbor HOA only. Parking in these spaces anytime during the hours of darkness requires an HOA-issued dashboard placard. Residents can obtain placards from Associa Northern California.
  • Violations: Violators may be towed without notice at owner expense. Crown Harbor uses ACT Towing, (510) 534-3788.
  • The front entrance is adorned with parking restriction signs.

Map from original CC&Rs


Area Assigned Spaces Guest Spaces
PA0 none 11 spaces: daytime easement
PA1 4 spaces: 1389 Crown, 1387 Crown, 1385 Crown, 1383 Crown 5 spaces
PA2 4 spaces: 1381 Crown, 1379 Crown, 1377 Crown, 1375 Crown 2 spaces
PA3 4 spaces: 1373 Crown, 1371 Crown, 1369 Crown, 1367 Crown 2 spaces
PA4 4 spaces: 1365 Crown, 1363 Crown, 1361 Crown, 1359 Crown 4 spaces
PA5 4 spaces: 1357 Crown, 1355 Crown, 1353 Crown, 1351 Crown 2 spaces
PA6 none 6 spaces
PA7 none 5 spaces
PA8 none 5 spaces
PA9 2 spaces: 544 Kings, 546 Kings 2 spaces
PA10 none 3 spaces
PA11 none 2 spaces
PA12 none 2 spaces
PA13 none 3 spaces
PA14 2 spaces: 568 Queens, 570 Queens 2 spaces
PA15 2 spaces: 550 Queens, 554 Queens 1 space
PA16 none 4 spaces
PA17 1 space: 1308 Crown 2 spaces

Original Guest Parking Plan: PL_IMAGES_092315_0329PM_57569TD9H.pdf

Language from current CC&Rs:

Space Type Regulation
P.S.1-P.S.20, P.S.31-P.S.32, P.S.65-P.S.66 Exclusive Use Parking Spaces reserved for use by the unit the space was deeded to
G.P.1-G.P.6, G.P.38-G.P.43 Public & Guest-Only Parking Spaces owners/residents/family members prohibited from using between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.
G.P.7-G.P.37, G.P.44-G.P.74, P.S.27-P.S.28 Guest-Only Parking Spaces owners/residents/family members prohibited from using:
- between 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on weekdays
- between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays
P.S.21-P.S.26, P.S.29-P.S.30, P.S.33-P.S.64 Unassigned General Common Area Parking Spaces available to owners/residents/guests on a "first-come, first-serve" basis

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