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Balcony and Patio Lights

Unlike the exterior lights that are divided between the Association and the Owner, all of the balcony and patio lights mounted on the sides of the units are the Owners' responsibility — both maintenance and bulbs. There are 2 replacement options.

patio light

Exact Replacement

Hubbardton Forge, Banded
Hubbardton Forge, Banded

Hubbardton Forge Alternative

  • The approved Hubbardton Forge, Banded Light fixture can be used on the Balconies and Patios.

    pic01 pic02
  • Although replacing standard wall sconces with Hubbardton Forge lights is possible, it is not recommended for the areas with low overhangs due to the vertical clearance required to remove the glass cylinder when replacing the light bulb.

    Hubbardton Forge, Banded, SmallPossible under low overhangs, but not recommended
    Hubbardton Forge, Banded, MediumBalcony and Patio Lights with no vertical obstruction
  • With approval of an Architectural Variance Request, an owner can replace one or more lights at the owner's expense.

  • See the exterior lights page for more information on the Hubbardton Forge, Banded Light fixture.

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