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Crown Harbor Homeowner Association

Annual Picnic 2015

The Crown Harbor Picnic is held in the grass area between Crown and Kings.



  • Sunday, July 12, 2015
  • 2:00 — 5:00 pm




The following items are taken care of:

  • Hot Dogs and Buns
  • Hamburgers (Beef), Turkey Burgers, and Buns
  • Sausages and Peppers
  • Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Horseradish, Sauerkraut

It takes a village. The Social Committee is thankful for the volunteers who are bringing the following items:

needed item Appetizers
  1. Judy Munsen and Wendy Young
  2. Ed Stavnezer and Clemencia Colmenares
  3. Tom and Katy Burns
  4. David Mears and Mariu Azayús
needed item Salsas/Chips/Guacamole
  1. Don and Margot Gibson
  2. Scott and Sheryl Sheppard
needed item Green Salads
  1. Rusty and Roseanne DiSandro
  2. Randy Gaines and Cheryll Linthicum
  3. Barbara Bolton
  4. Deeahna Lorenz
needed item Baked Beans
  1. Gene and Peggy McDermott
  2. David Ristuccia and Denis Craig
needed item Pasta Salads
  1. Kay Kehnder and Robert Anderson
  2. Michael and Connie Casale
needed item Potato Salads
  1. Jeptha and Valerie Boone
  2. Rick Wilson
needed item Garlic Breads
  1. Bill and Kris Moore
  2. Joe DeLano and Sandra Davis
needed item Desserts
  1. Rusty and Roseanne DiSandro
  2. Nancy Pace
  3. Robert and Rise Hammond
  4. Diane Mosier
  5. Scott Whidden and Nini Curry
  6. Dan Cohen and Viktoria Martisokova
The committee is all set for food. See you there.

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