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Roof Replacement Project

Roof maintenance and replacement are the responsibility of the Association. Based on an assessment collected during 2012-2013-2014 and to be collected in 2015-2016, a replacement project is being undertaken in 2015. This page reflects the status of that project.


Project Manager

  • Dan Poe from Associa is our Project Manager.
  • Issues regarding the project should be sent to so the Board can track the issues in addition to getting the issues to the right people so they can be addressed.

Work Schedule

  • Work is being conducted on Mondays through Fridays, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, excluding holidays. If the project gets behind, sometimes they work later to catch up.
  • Work crews clean up at the end of each work day, e.g., using magnetic cleanup tools to gather nails.
  • Work crews are responsible for maintaining and supervising all safety programs in connection with the work.
  • Work crews post a notice on the unit doors before work begins.
  • Owners are not required to be present at their units for any part of the process.
  • Work crews will let the owner know when the work is completed.
  • To avoid cluttering common areas, work crews store shingles and other supplies on roofs — even after roofs have been completed.
  • Based on manpower availability, crews may start tearing off the roof on the next building before the current roof is complete.
  • Work crews will store their equipment and supplies according to their material storage plan.

Helpful Tips

  • When crews are using the lift unit, it typically blocks both sides of the street. You may wish to park your car away from your unit to ensure that have use of your vehicle during the initial stages of the reroofing.
  • The first day of work, old roof tear off, is really noisy. Really. You may wish to be out of the house that day.
  • You may wish to temporarily take down valuable art work hanging on the upstairs walls — especially for the first day. During the roof work, to quote Jerry Lee Lewis, "There's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on."
  • Though the work crew will do the best to clean up, check your driveway for loose nails before backing out of the garage.
  • When crews are working near the skylights, some temporary leakage can occur. In addition, some dust and light debris can fall into the units in the rooms that have skylights. You may wish to protect your flooring with an old blanket.
  • If you have a trellis or vegetation near your downspouts, you may wish to clear the area so the roofers have easy access to replace the downspouts.
  • The teak-colored shingle contain asphalt. When they are new and exposed to UVs, they will "tobacco." With humidity in air and on roofs at night is what washes off some of the asphalt residue. As a result, colored water can pool up on surfaces near the edges of roofs. It typically washes away with rain. That is where the name "tobaccoing or tobacco juice " came from when used in roofing terms. See the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association bulletin on this very topic. Once the shingles have settled in and stabilize with the weathering, it will stop. Please report puddles of colored water so A‑One can clean them.
  • Tips for Roof Sections that Lack Plywood
    • Some roof sections, e.g., above garages, currently have no plywood. When the old shingles are removed, there will be nothing between the rafters. As such, dust and light debris from the work may fall on items in attics or garages. If this is your situation, make sure to remove or at least cover anything that you consider sentimental or sacred.
    • For garages that lack plywood, debris falls through the slats into the garage. You will want to get your car (or both of your cars) out of the garage as the amount of falling debris is significant enough to scratch the paint. If you provide access to the crew, they will clear the debris from the garage as part of their end-of-day cleanup activity.
  • Tips based on Unit Type
    • Type C units that have a storage closet next to the upstairs patio outside the second bedroom. Remove the globe and light bulb from the fixture in that storage closet. The shaking of the roof work just above the fixture can cause it to break.
    • Type C units have a spot light in the master bedroom. Place a blanket on the floor underneath this light. The roof work above can cause the light to come loose, and years of debris from the attic will fall on to the carpet below.
    • Type D units that have outdoor space between the unit and the garage. Thus debris from the roof in this area can get tracked into the unit since every trip from the garage to the unit involves walking outside. The crew plans on tarping this area to mitigate the problem.


A‑One Roof Management & Construction
14100 Doolittle Drive
San Leandro, CA 94577
Hector Lopez
Text: 510-774-5022


Project Schedule

Weather permitting, the roof replacement project work is planned for June through October.

  • June 2015 (1 building completed)
  • July 2015 (5 more buildings completed)
  • August 2015 (14 more buildings completed)
  • September 2015 (8 more buildings completed)
  • October 2015 (10 more buildings completed)
The tallies above reflect the number of buildings completed during the month. Each building takes about 18 calendar days from start to finish.

Building Order

As supplied by A‑One (without any lobbying by board members — I swear), here is the proposed order.



Project Status

The month listed is the start month so community members can be prepared. The completion may carry into the following month.

May 2015
1.1302/1304 CrownCompleted
June 2015
2.1303/1305 CrownCompleted
3.1309/1311 CrownCompleted
4.1308/1310 CrownCompleted
July 2015
5.1315/1317 CrownCompleted
6.1314/1316 CrownCompleted
7.1321/1323 CrownCompleted
8.1320/1322 CrownCompleted
9.1327/1329 CrownCompleted
10.1333/1335 CrownCompleted
11.536/538 KingsCompleted
12.544/546 KingsCompleted
August 2015
13.556/558 KingsCompleted
14.564/566 KingsCompleted
15.572/574 KingsCompleted
16.580/582 KingsCompleted
17.590/592 KingsCompleted
18.531/533 KingsCompleted
19.539/541 KingsCompleted
20.545/547 KingsCompleted
21.553/555 KingsCompleted
22.576/578 QueensCompleted
23.568/570 QueensCompleted
24.560/562 QueensCompleted
25.550/554 QueensCompleted
26.546/548 QueensCompleted
September 2015
27.540/542 QueensCompleted
28.530/534 QueensCompleted
29.1351/1353 CrownCompleted
30.1355/1357 CrownCompleted
31.1359/1361 CrownCompleted
32.1363/1365 CrownCompleted
33.1367/1369 CrownCompleted
34.1371/1373 CrownCompleted
October 2015
35.1375/1377 CrownCompleted
36.1379/1381 CrownCompleted
37.1383/1385 CrownCompleted
38.1387/1389 CrownCompleted

Some owners have requested modifications to the roofing schedule. They have vacation plans and want to be present when their roofs are replaced so they can immediately handle any issues and/or clean up the debris. There are many factors that affect the roofing schedule such as weather (rain), crew availability, and unforeseen problems that require extra time on a particular building. Since there is no guarantee that roof work will start for a particular unit on the prescribed date, trying to plan to accommodate specific requests is not reliable. The debris is dry in nature and does not need to be cleaned up right away. Vacationers can place tarps in areas where they have concern and clean up/remove the tarps when they get back.


Punch List

The punch list is a list of issues to be corrected sorted by unit and the order in which the units are having their roofs replaced.
  • Community members can view the punch list.
  • Project members can edit the punch list.
The project payment schedule is based on a "pay as you complete" strategy where payments are made based on percent of completion until the Association exhausts its special roof assessment funds. A unit is considered complete when all of its punch list items have been corrected. Final payment for the project is made after the Association collects additional funds via the special roof assessment process.

Payment Schedule

A‑One Base Contract
June 2015$62,204.80
July 2015$65,478.74
August 2015$163,696.84
September 2015$130,957.47
October 2015$48,711.03
November 2015$0.00
April 2016$150,999.12
A‑One Permits
September 2015$8,500.36
September 2015$3,057.29
September 2015$2,335.26
Associa Project Management
September 2015$6,000.00
October 2015$2,000.00
November 2015$2,000.00
December 2015$4,000.00
January 2016$2,694.02
February 2016$4,000.00
April 2016$16,628.86


  • Skylight maintenance and replacement are the responsibility of the Owner in accordance with Association guidelines.
  • The list of units with skylights appears on the skylights page.
  • The list of units that have elected to have A‑One replace their skylights as part of this project are in this Crown Harbor Skylight Log (currently at version 17).
    • A "Y" in the "Paid" column indicates that the Treasurer has the check.
    • The checks will be held by the Treasurer until being handed over to A‑One.
    • Owners will be notified by the Treasurer when the handover happens.
  • A‑One will be creating an invoice per unit for those residents purchasing a skylight. Once the check is received, they will mark the invoice "Paid in full." The paid invoice can be used as a receipt for tax purposes.


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Old Shingle

  • The existing shingles are very worn and thin.
  • There is cracking, particularly where the nail holes are.

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