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Neighborhood Gathering Places and Care Centers

  • Crown Harbor has 4 Neighborhood Gathering Places where residents assemble immediately after a disaster.
  • Crown Harbor has 4 Care Centers where children, the elderly, and those with a disability can be brought so they are not alone and where they can be given care.

Gathering Places

  1. Garages of 1371/1373 Crown Drive
  2. Garage of 1322 Crown Drive
  3. Garage of 530 Queens Road
  4. Garage of 556 Kings Road

Care Centers

  1. Home of 1375 Crown Drive
  2. Home of 1305 Crown Drive
  3. Home of 530 Queens Road
  4. Home of 556 Kings Road

Steps for Residents acting as Hosts

  1. Make sure all is safe in your unit.

  2. Dress in good shoes, warm clothes, and hard hat with light.

  3. Turn off your water and gas.

  4. Tape OK sign to your garage if all is OK.

  5. Put 2 fire extinguishers out front of your garage.

  6. Make sure you have your cell phone.

  7. Assess if your site is safe for volunteers. If not, contact your CERT leader and move to one in another neighborhood.

  8. Set up your site for Teams to arrive. Arrange lanterns if needed, set up supplies.

  9. Teams will arrive with some supplies. Have a copy of all paperwork that might be needed. Some supplies are kept in the CERT shed.

  10. Go to your Neighborhood Gathering place and meet your CERT leader. If no leader is present in your gathering place, check the other 3 sites until you find a CERT leader.


Duties and Supplies

The major duties for the Neighborhood Gathering Place or the Neighborhood Care Centers is to offer a place of refuge in which neighbors can gather, volunteer, help each other out, and receive what they need such as first aide or someone to talk to.

Neighborhood Gathering Place

  • Team 1 Radio and Logistics will need some type of table and chairs to work from. They will need a NOAA radio and walkie-talkies (CERT leader has walkie-talkies.)
  • Team 2 Search and Rescue will need first aid supplies.
  • Team 3 Utility will need wrenches to turn off gas and water and a crowbar to get in garbage enclosures.

Care Center

  • Team 4 First Aid will need first aid supplies and will need space for the injured. If you are moving the injured in doors, protect the home with plastic and keep the injured warm with blankets.
  • The site will need:
    • bottled water
    • bathroom set up
    • plastic garbage bags to dispose of contaminated first aid supplies
  • Ideally, the site would also have:
    • blankets
    • snacks
    • water
    • cards
    • children's toys
  • The earthquake shed has supplies so that each Care Center can have a portable toilet, toilet deodorant, and 4 lanterns with batteries/replacement batteries.


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