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Team 2: Search and Rescue

The primary function of Team 2 is to check on neighbors door to door.



  • Lower Crown Drive

    • Kate Bourne
    • Elizabeth Sloan
    • Carol Towata
  • Upper Crown Drive

    • Denise Gasti
    • Cheryl Saxton
    • Nini Curry
  • Queens Road

    • Rusty DiSandro
    • Roseanne DiSandro
    • Cynthia Allison Obuchi
  • Kings Road

    • Wendy Young
    • Eve Abramowitz
    • Colette Collester

Gathering Places

  1. Garages of 1371/1373 Crown Drive
  2. Garage of 1322 Crown Drive
  3. Garage of 530 Queens Road
  4. Garage of 556 Kings Road


  1. Make sure all is safe in your unit.

  2. Dress in good sturdy shoes, warm clothes, gloves, and hard hat with light.

  3. Turn off your water and gas.

  4. Tape OK sign to your garage if all is OK.

  5. Put 2 fire extinguishers out front of your garage.

  6. Make sure you have your cell phone.

  1. Grab your Team 2 Search and Rescue Backpack that includes:

    • lantern (insert 3 AA batteries from bag, 3 AA extras included)
    • flashlight (no batteries, shake for 30 seconds, lights up for 5 minutes)
    • clipboard
    • paperwork
    • pen
    • basic first aid kit
    • tape
    • extra OK signs
    • whistle

    The lantern bottom unscrews to insert the batteries. The batteries are kept in a zip lock bag to avoid damaging the lantern in the event of battery leakage during storage.

  2. Go to your Neighborhood Gathering place and meet your CERT leader. If no leader is present in your gathering place, check the other 3 sites until you find a CERT leader.

  3. At the gathering place, meet with other volunteers and divide up the duties.



  • You will be given an assignment by your CERT or Team leader. Remember always work with a buddy. Have cell numbers of your CERT or Team leader and a first aid volunteer.

  • Review your Team 2 Search and Rescue Backpack to be sure it includes a flashlight (as well as one on your helmet), a clipboard with Team 2 paperwork, tape for OK signs, pen, basic first aid kit, and whistle. Take your cell phone.

  • The first team will check on elders and disabled. Marked in bold on the Crown Harbor Residents List for each Neighborhood. Then teams will be divided up and sent out to cover your entire neighborhood area.

  • The buddy team will knock on the door and yell out "Crown Harbor Search and Rescue, are you OK?"

    • If the resident answers, ask if they are all OK. If yes, ask them if they have fire extinguishers and with their help, put their fire extinguishers out front by the garage and then put the OK on the garage door. Check OK on the Crown Harbor Residents List.
    • If they do not answer, listen for yelling; try their cell number, if no answer, check no answer on the Crown Harbor Residents List and move on. Do not put up the OK sign.
  • If there is a first aid issue:

    • If the issue is small, assist according to your skills.
    • If you need the first aid team because the issue is beyond your skills:
      • First: call first aid team if you have a walkie-talkie.
      • Second: try the cell number of your first aid team.
      • Third: use your whistle or yell to signal that you need help.
      • Lastly: send your buddy and stay with the hurt neighbor and apply pressure if necessary.
    • Circle resident's name on Crown Harbor Residents List if first aid is needed and make note of what type of first aid was given.
  • If your neighborhood does not have enough volunteers to do what you need to get done, contact other Neighborhood Gathering places for help. Especially let CERT leader know if needed tasks have not been completed.


luggable loo

Care Centers

Each Care Center is equipped with a portable toilet.

  1. Home of 1375 Crown Drive
  2. Home of 1305 Crown Drive
  3. Home of 530 Queens Road
  4. Home of 556 Kings Road


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