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Team 4: First Aid

The primary function of Team 4 is aid neighbors displaying the HELP sign.



  • Lower Crown Drive

    • Deeahna Lorenz
    • Miekle Gledhill
  • Upper Crown Drive

    • Sandra Quist
  • Queens Road

    • Jennifer Payne
    • Valerie Ackerman
  • Kings Road

    • Nancy Pace
    • Kris Moore

Gathering Places

  1. Garages of 1371/1373 Crown Drive
  2. Garage of 1322 Crown Drive
  3. Garage of 530 Queens Road
  4. Garage of 556 Kings Road


  1. Make sure all is safe in your unit.

  2. Dress in good shoes, warm clothes, and hard hat with light.

  3. Turn off your water and gas.

  4. Tape OK sign to your garage if all is OK.

  5. Put 2 fire extinguishers out front of your garage.

  6. Make sure you have your cell phone.

  1. Grab your Team 4 First Aid Backpack that includes:

    • lantern (insert 3 AA batteries from bag, 3 AA extras included)
    • clipboard
    • paperwork
    • pen
    • first aid kit including examining gloves
    • walkie-talkie

    The lantern bottom unscrews to insert the batteries. The batteries are kept in a zip lock bag to avoid damaging the lantern in the event of battery leakage during storage.

  2. Go to your Neighborhood Gathering place and meet your CERT leader. If no leader is present in your gathering place, check the other 3 sites until you find a CERT leader.

  3. At the gathering place, meet with other volunteers and divide up the duties.



  • Maintain contact with search and rescue by walkie-talkie and cell phone.

  • Decide very early if there will be one major first aid station or more than one depending on the number and expertise of the volunteers. Determine where first aid station is located (i.e., which Care Center) and communicate to team leaders.

  • Send out First Aid buddy teams as needed. Each buddy team will have basic first aid supplies including examining gloves.

  • Set up emergency first aid station to receive injured, including plastic to cover where injured will be placed, blankets, water, first aid supplies, and bathroom supplies.

  • Assist other teams as needed if first aid is not needed but maintain volunteers in first aid station at all times. Be sure Team 2 Search and Rescue knows how to reach the First Aid Team.

  • If injuries are beyond your ability, call CERT leader and Radio and Logistics Team volunteers to ask for assistance. Ask Team 1 Radio and Logistics Team to call an ambulance if needed. Maintain contact with CERT leaders if an ambulance is called, so gates can be opened, and the ambulance can be directed to the injured.

  • Keep a list of all injured, and briefly: time in, injury, treatment, and time out. Use the Crown Harbor Emergency Response First Aid List.

  • All teams should be available to assist with search and rescue if needed. Return to your Neighborhood Gathering place when not completing a task to be available for other duties. Let Team 1 Radio and Logistics know what you have completed so they can track that all necessary utilities have been turned off.

  • If your neighborhood does not have enough volunteers to do what you need to get done, contact other Neighborhood Gathering places for help. Especially let CERT member know if needed tasks have not been completed.


luggable loo

Care Centers

Each Care Center is equipped with a portable toilet.

  1. Home of 1375 Crown Drive
  2. Home of 1305 Crown Drive
  3. Home of 530 Queens Road
  4. Home of 556 Kings Road


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