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Street Lighting

Exterior lighting is governed by the Association. Exterior lighting is accomplished by the streetlights and the exterior lights on the Units that face the street.

Streetlight Pole Map


2014 Bulb Replacement Project

  • The Association maintains 18 streetlights on poles throughout the Association.
  • In 2014, the lights were replaced with lower wattage bulbs at a cost of $23,273.
  • Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) issued a rebate of $4,179 that lowered the Association's actual cost to $19,094.
  • The AMP rebate data showed an estimated savings of $3,565 per year yielding a pay-off of 5.35 years (5 years and 5 months).

Higher Efficiency Bulbs

  • Even though the lower wattage bulbs (PDF) save money, they produce more light than the bulbs they replaced.
  • Some residents welcome the extra illumination.
  • Other residents are less than thrilled about the amount of light now entering their Units.
  • For residents who are bothered by the extra light, the Association will purchase and install light shields.

2015 Light Shield Project

  • The Association's goal is to purchase the required number of shields and have them all installed at once.
  • This approach saves money because the shield installation requires the rental of a cherry picker lift device at cost of $1,000 per day.
  • The light shields cost $336 per shield.
  • There are 18 streetlights throughout the association, so if all 18 were equipped with shields, it would cost $6,588.
  • Installing 18 shields would probably take 2 days of lift device time, so the total project cost would be $8,588.
  • At a savings of $3,565 per year, that would extend the break even point for this intended-as-a-money-saving project by another 2.4 years (2 years and 5 months).
  • Community members are asked that they only request installation of a light shield if the excess light is truly a problem.

Unit Lights

  • The Association maintains the exterior lights on the Units that are next to the garage doors.
  • See the exterior lights page for specifics on these lights.

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