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Transit Options

Located in Alameda, California, Crown Harbor residents have a variety of transit options.



Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) operates train service from Oakland to:

  • San Francisco / Daly City / Milbrae
  • Oakland Airport / Dublin / Pleasanton / Fremont
  • Pittsburgh / Bay Point
  • Richmond

See the BART Map for a complete list of destinations.

  • One of the closer BART stations for Crown Harbor residents is West Oakland. It can be reached by exiting Crown Harbor to the right, making a left onto Webster Street, going through the tube, and making a left on 8th Street that merges into 7th Street. The station is located at 1451 7th Street in Oakland.
  • Another station that is close to Crown Harbor is the Lake Merritt station. Parking at Lake Merritt is very convenient after business hours and on weekends. The station is located at 800 Madison Street in Oakland.
  • Still another station for Crown Harbor residents is the 12th Street / Oakland City Center station. This station is accessible via the 51A bus that can be boarded at Webster and Santa Clara. Parking for this station is not as convenient, but there is a pay lot at 14th and Jackson that is within walking distance. The station is located at 1245 Broadway in Oakland.

Tickets are purchased at the station before boarding or a ClipperCard can be used.



The Blue & Gold Fleet operates ferry service from Alameda to:

  • San Francisco Ferry Building
  • San Francisco Pier 41
  • Oakland Jack London Square
  • South San Francisco
  • AT&T Park (for San Francisco Giants baseball games)

The ferry runs on this schedule. Crown Harbor Residents can get to the Alameda Main Street ferry terminal by making a left on to Central Avenue. Central Avenue turns into Main Street. The address of the ferry terminal is 1 Main Street. Tickets are purchased on the boat and collected when getting off. A ClipperCard can be used. New riders can check out the unwritten rules of etiquette for ferry commuting.



Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) operates bus service in the Bay Area. This include transbay service (see map) as well as numerous other bus lines and destinations. The lines for Alameda can be found on the lines by city page. The lines in the proximity of Crown Harbor include:

  • 20 — See map and schedule. Catch at Central Avenue & Webster Street
  • 31 — See map and schedule. Catch at Atlantic Avenue & Webster Street.
  • 51A — See map and schedule. Catch at Santa Clara Avenue & Webster Street.
  • 314 — See map and schedule. Catch at Santa Clara Avenue & Webster Street.
  • 851 — See map and schedule. Catch at Santa Clara Avenue & Webster Street.
  • O — See map and schedule. Catch at Santa Clara Avenue & Webster Street.
  • W — See map and schedule. Catch at Central Avenue & Webster Street.

A ClipperCard can be used.


Casual Carpool

Casual Carpool is available in the Bay Area. Casual carpool is different from a traditional scheduled carpool because of its ad-hoc nature. Casual carpools are formed between at least two riders and one driver at pickup locations in the East Bay during carpool lane hours (5:00 am — 10:00 am). Because both riders and drivers can form a carpool almost immediately when they arrive, it can be faster than relying on a traditional carpool and is almost always faster than driving individually or taking BART. The closest pickup location to Crown Harbor is Santa Clara Avenue & Webster Street and operates between 7:00 am and 9:00 am, Monday through Friday.



Carzac is a private ride-sharing service. The service provides a non-stop ride in a private car for less than the bus. Drivers design a route. They pick places others would be happy to travel to and times others typically go. Riders see routes that match and book a seat with one tap of a smart phone application. The Carzac application updates route and seat availability in real time. The closest pickup location to Crown Harbor is Santa Clara Avenue & Webster.



Carma is a world leader in technology that encourages and enables high occupancy commuting. Their mission is to fight traffic gridlock and save people time on their commute by filling up empty seats in private cars. As a trusted partner of federal and state transportation agencies for carpooling, carsharing, and occupancy enforcement, they're helping to drive a smarter and more sustainable transportation system. An occupant with the Carma app on their phone is detected in close proximity to a Carma Beacon — a small Bluetooth device in the glove box. The driver picks up the passenger. As long as the occupant is detected in the car, the app reports on the total occupancy of the car to the toll agency. If the car passes through a toll plaza or virtual toll plaza, with 2 or more occupants, the driver is eligible for a high-occupancy toll discount.


Airport Shuttle

SuperShuttle operates shuttle service to and from the Oakland and San Francisco airports. A reservation is required. Private shuttles can be reserved or shared (less expensive). When going to the Oakland Airport, a shared van is the best option. Crown Harbor's proximity to the airport normally makes this location the last stop. Residents pay the less expensive shared price but do not have to endure stopping to pick up other passengers. Shuttles normally travel straight from Crown Harbor to the airport. Shuttle drivers often have trouble entering the Crown Harbor gate code for a unit. In the interest of not delaying the other riders, it is considerate to meet the shuttle at the Crown Harbor front gate.



Uber is a private taxi service. Uber offers a variety of ride services.

  • UberPool lets you share your ride (and the cost) with others heading the same way.
  • UberX is a low-cost option for getting where you need to go.
  • UberXL is an option for large groups.
  • UberSelect is a step above with more luxurious vehicles.
  • UberBlack is the original Uber service with black limousines.
  • UberSUV is the normal service using SUVs.
  • UberTaxi is a way to request and pay for a taxi, at standard taxi meter rates plus a $1 booking fee. A 20% gratuity is automatically added for the driver by default.

Setting up an account in advance is required. A car is requested using a smart phone application. Payment happens automatically via your account. No payment hassle. No tipping. You just get out of the vehicle at your destination.



Lyft is a private taxi service that operates throughout the Bay Area, including Alameda. There are 3 way to use the service:

  • When you've got a few extra minutes to get there, Lyft Line matches you with other passengers going the same way for a lower price.
  • Lyft is your personal ride. Whether you're traveling solo or with up to three friends, the car is yours to fill.
  • Lyft Plus provides a six-passenger ride for when you need more space or just want to roll with your entire squad.

Setting up an account in advance is required. A car is requested using a smart phone application. Payment is done via the phone application.


East Bay Paratransit

East Bay Paratransit is a public transit service for people who are unable to use regular buses or trains, like those operated by AC Transit and BART, because of a disability or a disabling health condition. East Bay Paratransit transports riders from their origin to their destination in vans equipped with a wheelchair lift or in sedans. East Bay Paratransit was established by AC Transit and BART to meet requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Service is provided during the hours of AC Transit's bus and BART's rail operations. Service is limited to areas within 0.75 miles of an operating bus route or BART station. Call (510) 287-5000 for information about specific times and locations.

alameda loop

Alameda Loop Shuttle

Alameda Loop Shuttle is a free public transit service sponsored by the City's Transportation Planning Division and the Mastick Senior Center. With two buses in service, riders need not wait more than 30 minutes for a shuttle at each designated shuttle stop. Both buses are equipped with bike racks and wheelchair lifts. The two buses run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. There are three shuttle routes that provide access to major shopping destinations and medical facilities, including:

  • Tuesdays: West Loop (between Alameda Landing and downtown Alameda), leaving the Anne B. Diament Senior Plaza at 920 Park Street and the Target Store on the hour and half past the hour.
  • Wednesdays: East Loop (between Bay Farm Island, downtown Alameda and Mastick Senior Center), leaving the Waters Edge Lodge at 801 Island Drive on the hour and half past the hour.
  • Thursdays: Central Loop (between downtown Alameda, Shore Line Drive and Bridgeside Center), leaving the Anne B. Diament Senior Plaza at 920 Park Street on the hour and half past the hour.

While each day's route covers a different area of Alameda, all routes stop at these common destinations:

  • Alameda Hospital
  • Alameda Main Library
  • Alameda Theater
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Mastick Senior Center
  • South Shore Center at Trader Joe's / Safeway

The service is open to all and provides preferential seating for seniors and people with disabilities. Shuttle drivers can assist riders with boarding and exiting the shuttle, securing wheelchairs, and carrying up to five bags of groceries or a folding shopping cart.



LimeBike is a bicycle rental service. A smartphone application shows the location of available bicycles. Riders pick up bicycles at available locations. They use the application to unlock the bicycles. After riding to their destinations, LimeBike users leave the bicycle wherever they are and use the application to end their rental. The cost is $1 per half-hour.

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