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If Trees and Plants Could Talk

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pic01 What's for dinner?
pic02 Plumb out of ideas?
pic03 Where are the birds?
pic04a I'm as bushy as ever.
pic04b Alameda is said to have a rock wall, but really we trees also line its edges.
pic05a Pink enough for you?
pic05b Ssshh! I think someone's peeking at us over the railing!
pic05c Oh sure, the grass gets cut every week, but what about us?
pic05d I think I'll cast some shade.
pic05e If that bush thinks it's going to get some sun while I'm around, it has another thing coming.
pic05f I know there's a Eucalyptus around here somewhere.
pic06 Stop staring — you're making me blush.
pic07 With a little water, I think I could smother that light.
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