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Within Walking Distance

A walkability score measures how easy it is to live a car-lite lifestyle by awarding points based on the distance to amenities in many categories. These categories include things like restaurants, coffee, groceries, parks, schools, shopping, books, bars, and banking. Amenities within .25 miles receive maximum points, and no points are awarded for amenities further than 1 mile.

Crown Harbor scores 78 out of 100!

walking path Since our boots are so made for walking, we have our own public path.

These pictures depict items of interest that are only a short walk from Crown Harbor. Click on each picture's thumbnail for a larger view or click on the VIEW icon below to see each picture one at a time.

pic01 got sand toys?
Crown Beach and State Park is only a few steps away.
pic02 got coffee?
Spritzer's Café is a quaint coffee shop for locals.
pic03 got public transit?
The Alameda Paratransit Shuttle provides a new and free way for Alameda's senior and disabled residents to have access to major shopping destinations and medical facilities around the city.
pic04a got music?
For the past 17 years, the East Bay Regional Park District has hosted 3 free concerts at Crab Cove on the second Friday of June, July, and August from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.
pic04b got pizza?
Mountain Mike's is a nice family-owned/run pizza place.
pic05a got beer?
1400 is great place for a burger and a beer (or pizza).
pic05b got pastrami?
Domenico's is a deli with the freshest cuts.
pic05c got dirty laundry?
Rather than air it in public, take it to Anthony's Cleaners.
pic05d got a deposit?
US Bank has an ATM or personalized service from a teller.
pic05e got mail?
There's a US Post Office for mailing packages or buying stamps.
pic05f got transit?
There's a bus stop at the corner of Webster and Central.
pic06 got donuts?
Lee's Donuts are fantastic on a Sunday morning.
pic07 got breakfast?
Neptune's is our newest breakfast location.
pic08 got a field trip?
Crab Cove is an educational center for children of all ages.
pic10 got children?
Paden Elementary is only a hop, skip, and jump away. You can see the play yard from many of the Crown Harbor units.
pic11 got a boat?
Ballena Bay Marina is home to many a boat.
pic12 got a yacht?
The Ballena Bay Yacht Club is members only. All that's missing is you.
pic12 got a hunger?
Pier 29 serves a nice breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
pic13 got patriotism?
The USS Hornet is docked only minutes away. Crown Harbor resident, Chuck Myers, is one of their popular docents.
pic12 got a high school student?
Soccer moms will appreciate the proximity of the school for drop-off/pickup for school/after-school activities.
pic13 got a kite?
A father flies a kite with his son at Crown Beach Park.
pic14 got the munchies?
Bonfare Market has milk, bread, fresh fruits, and more.
pic15 got long hair?
Get your haircut at Neptune Cuts — a business with 18 years of experience.
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