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Crown Harbor Homeowner Association

Window Maintenance and Replacement

Window maintenance and replacement are the responsibility of the owner in accordance with Association guidelines. Owners file an Architectural Variance Request as the first step in window replacement.


California Building Code 2013 — Title 24 Energy Requirements

On July 1, 2014, a new code was enacted for all of California that includes a higher minimum requirement for energy efficiency that specifically impacts low-rise residential communities like Crown Harbor. Based on this code, aluminum framed windows are no longer an option for window replacements. A nice summary of the new code is available on "Metal windows behind bars in Title 24 2013?".


Some Crown Harbor owners have purchased:

Frame Material

In addition to dual pane window glass, the type of frame selected is critical as well. Frames not only provide strength and aesthetics but play a big role in energy efficiency. The Window Man provides a nice pros and cons list for frames.
  • Metal or Aluminum

    No longer will meet Title 24 requirements, and therefore are no longer an option for Crown Harbor window replacements.

  • Vinyl

    Energy Efficient, durable, and non-corroding but weaker material in comparison to others and can lose their shape over time. The weaker material leads to larger frame sizes to build strength. Not paintable. Many installers do not recommended vinyl.

  • Wood

    Excellent energy efficiency, looks great, and paintable but requires maintenance through repainting to prevent deterioration. Typically the most expensive option.

  • Clad Wood

    Some window manufacturers will cover the exterior of wood with vinyl, fiberglass, or Fibrex for improved durability. Typically these are a more expensive option.

  • Composite (Fiberglass used by Milgard)

    Energy efficient, strong, low maintenance, paintable, and traditional wood profile. Needs to be maintained since fiberglass deteriorates in the sun.

    Some installers stated this would work for Crown Harbor. Though the fine print of Milgard's lifetime warranty says the warranty does not cover the window hardware "if you live within 2 miles of salt water, many folks in Crown Harbor have Milgard windows, and Milgard has been honoring their warranty.

  • Composite (Fibrex by Andersen Windows — Patented)

    Made from a mixture of vinyl and wood. Energy efficient, strong, low maintenance, and traditional wood profile. More information is available at Andersen Windows and Builder Matt Risinger. Recommended by many installers and an architecture. The Anderson100 Series windows are known to be one of the best windows at a cost that competes with vinyl.



Frame Color

  • Required: Black or Bronze on the exterior.
  • Recommended: Black, Bronze, or White on the interior. Technically any color is allowed.
sliding glass door

Sliding Glass Door Considerations

  • The frames for sliding doors are the same as the windows.
  • Vinyl is a low performer due to the size of the doors conflicting with the low strength.
  • Wood with a protective vinyl, fiberglass, or Fibrex all perform better.
  • The Andersen 200 Series includes glass doors with wood frame construction and vinyl finishes.
  • The Milgard Montecito Series fiberglass doors or the Anderson 100 Series doors would be good and a bit cheaper.


  • Dual Pane
  • Low E (low emissity) — an ultra-thin layer of tin dioxide, silver, or other metal coating applied to the pane of glass, invisible to the naked eye, to reflect solar heat energy outdoors rather than allowing it to enter the home and introduce unwanted heat
  • California now recommends Low E3 which features 3 coats of metal to further reduce solar heat transfer through the glass.
  • Tinting is allowed to reduce the sun's harmful effects.
  • Tinting reduces the fading of furniture but also makes the room appear darker.


The overall dimensions of the window and the relative proportions of the upper and lower sections will be maintained. The upper section of the picture window may use the existing 2 windows or be a single panel. The lower section may be retained as a single panel, or replaced with 2 or 3 windows. If both the first and second floor windows are replaced, the same window design must be used. Allowable alterations include:
  • Upper window replaced, with larger section converted to one window, and lower section replaced with 2 windows, one of which slides open
  • Upper window replaced, with larger section converted to one window, and lower section replaced with 3 windows, the 2 outer ones sliding open
  • Replacement of upper and lower windows with both designs matching
  • Replacement of upper and lower windows, both fixed with single panel above, and two different panels below (one with 2 windows, one with 3 windows)


Selecting an installer is as important as selecting a manufacturer.
  • US Renewal Window

    • 30 years of experience.
    • Sells: Marvin, Milgard and other brands, but typically only provides prices for Milgard. Has only sold Milgard to Crown Harbor.
    • Has sold and installed nearly all of the replacement windows in Crown Harbor.
    • Local company.
    • Mike Castricone
    • (510) 769-1546 or (800) 877-3639
    • California Lic #805371
  • Banks Glass

    • 50 years of experience.
    • Sells: Andersen, Milgard, Marvin, Amsco, and Sierra Pacific window brands.
    • This allows one installer to price all the various brands to come up with the right price/qualify combination.
    • Crown Harbor owners can even mix and match.
    • Based in Jamestown, California.
    • (209) 984-4111, 7 am — 5 pm, Monday — Friday
    • Crown Harbor owner has to apply on own for a permit with the city of Alameda.
  • Dolan's Lumber — Doors and Windows

    • Distributor of numerous window and door types
    • Large showroom of windows and doors to touch and play with in Walnut Creek
    • Have a list of qualified Bay Area installers that they work with
    • (925) 927-4662, Open Monday — Saturday
    • Showroom & Idea Center, 2750 Camino Diablo, Walnut Creek, CA
  • Renewal by Andersen

    • Avoid.
    • Very aggressive sales people.
    • Price was double the next cheapest estimate.
    • Sells: Andersen windows repackaged.
  • The Glass Man

    • Ellen Marshall tried to use The Glass Man to replace just the glass and keep the existing frames.
    • Though some residents (e.g., Scott Sheppard) have had success getting cut pieces of glass from The Glass Man, Ellen was not happy with their work on her windows.
    • The Glass Man required multiple orders and multiple installation visits before the project was considered finished.


All costs associated with window replacement are the responsibility of the owner. This includes the cost of repainting of exterior trim that was removed/re-installed during the window installation.

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