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From the Air


kite This image was found on the flickr site by a guy who attached a camera to a kite, flew it up at Crown Beach, and snapped a picture.
photo courtesy of: flyingcamera


Crown Harbor resident, Ron Barrett, has a Phantom 2Vision 2+ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The Phantom is like a small helicopter with a video camera attached.


Ron recently took his Phantom for a spin at Crown Harbor and recorded two movies.

Video 1

movie 1

Video 2

movie 2


Here are some images created via screen captures from the videos. The image file sizes are large, so viewing them on a mobile device is not recommended. Each download may take a moment.

pic01 View of the middle section of Crown Drive (2.42MB)
pic02 View of boats at neighboring Ballena Bay (1.70MB)
pic03 View of the Bay from Crown Harbor (2.64MB)
pic04 View of end of Crown Drive (2.01MB)
pic05 View of end of Kings Road (2.54MB)
pic06 View of front section of Crown Drive (1.59MB)
pic07 View of homes along the top of the horseshoe area (2.37MB)
pic08 Another view of the end of Crown Drive (2.46MB)
pic09 Final view of the end of Crown Drive (1.84MB)
pic10 Another view of the end of Kings Road (2.39MB)
pic11 View of the top right of the horseshoe area (1.96MB)

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