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Crown Harbor Homeowner Association

Community Board

The Crown Harbor Homeowner Association Annual General Membership Meeting is held in March.


Board Meetings

  • Board meetings are generally held each month. Meetings usually start at 7:00 pm. At the end of each board meeting the date of the next meeting will be decided.

  • Owners are welcome to attend board meetings.

  • At the start of each meeting, there is a homeowner open forum.

    • To allow equal opportunity for all in attendance, members of the Association are recognized one at a time to speak on any topic.
    • Comments are limited to five (5) minutes per person.
    • If an open forum comment relates to an item on the agenda, that comment may be considered when the agenda item is discussed.
    • No decisions are made or actions taken for any item not already on the meeting agenda. If an open forum issue isn't on the agenda but is worth further consideration, the matter may be added to the next meeting's agenda.

    Note: The HOA attorney recently validated that there's no issue with a board member bringing up an issue (as a homeowner) during the open forum.



rules that govern homeowner associations and board member duties
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