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Deeded Parking Spaces

There are three types of parking at Crown Harbor: spots outside the front gate that are subject to rules regarding public access, spots inside the complex that are available to residents and visitors on a first-come/first-served basis, and deeded spots inside the complex designated for particular units. Our parking map shows the general locations of the various types of parking. To accommodate as many residents and visitors as possible, it is best to have as flexible a parking strategy as possible. With this in mind, it is not a matter of policy to mark the deeded parking spots as reserved; however, there may be rare hardship cases where doing so is beneficial. In the event such a case occurs, the Board has adopted this policy.



  • Some residents may experience a hardship because their deeded parking spaces are not marked as "RESERVED."
  • Owners can submit an Architectural Variance Request to the Design Review Committee to have their deeded parking space marked.
  • If approved, the Design Review Committee will notify the Board.
  • The Board will arrange for the work to be done by the Association, and the resident will be billed $50.00 for the costs.
  • Owners/residents may not perform the work themselves.


  • In certain cases, Owners may have a "deeded" parking space per their ownership agreement.
  • The Crown Harbor Home Owners Association has never proactively marked "deeded" spaces in the past and intends on continuing with that precedent.
  • Since residents and guests have no easy well to identify deeded parking spots from guest parking spots, deeded parking spots are treated as guest spots unless marked.
  • With that said, there could be hardships experienced by a resident and the marking of that space may be in everyone's best interest.
  • To better serve the community and ensure uniformity within the complex, the Board has approved this process and a consistent design.

Costs to Owner

  • The cost is $50.00 to cover materials and labor.
  • Management will issue an invoice to the Owner upon completion of work to cover the costs.

The request should include:

  • Unit and Owner (and Resident in the case of a rental)
  • Owners Name and Address (if different)
  • Explanation of the hardship
  • Acknowledgement of the $50.00 fee being charged to the Owner
  • Deed documentation that details the deeded parking space and its location in the complex
  • Signature

Submission of Requests

Owner shall submit a written request via:
  • Homeowner Open Forum during any regularly scheduled HOA Board Meeting OR
  • email to the Design Review Committee (

Approval and Notification

  • The Design Review Committee will review all requests within a week.
  • The Board of Directors will review all approved requests at the following regularly scheduled HOA Board Meeting.
  • Management will schedule the work in consultation with the Board.
  • Management will notify the Owner of the approval and scheduled work.

Design Approved by the Board of Directors

  • SIZE: 3" Stencil Lettering (available at Home Depot)
  • COLOR: White Background with Black Lettering
  • PLACEMENT: On the curb in front of deeded parking space

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