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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)



  • After a disaster, the chart reflects the numbers of men, women, children, and pets that need to be accounted for. This is an example of why having an accurate CERT community roster, prior to a disaster, is important.

  • The CC&Rs require that landlords notify the Board when a tenant vacates or starts a new lease. A correct CERT list is another reason for this policy.

4 teams


CERT map

  • The CERT has detailed Neighborhood Disaster Readiness (NDR) plans for 4 neighborhoods of Crown Harbor.

  • Each neighborhood will break into 4 teams and perform the duties just for their neighborhood (i.e., their part of Crown Harbor). This will be faster as all 4 neighborhoods will be done in parallel with no duplication of effort.

  • NDR handouts were distributed in August/September 2013. This information should be reviewed in advance, since the website will not be available in the event of a disaster. Residents can use the plans specific to their neighborhoods (see below).

neighborhood 1

Upper Crown Drive

neighborhood 2

Lower Crown Drive

neighborhood 3

Queens Road

neighborhood 4

Kings Road



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