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Community Emergency Response Team Supplies

To respond to an emergency, a set of supplies must be on-hand before disaster strikes.

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Earthquake Shed

  • The Association has a limited set of supplies stored in a shed. The shed is located behind the lattice fence at the intersection of Kings and Queens.

  • The supplies are typically one-of-a-kind items that could be used throughout the association. The set of supplies is not intended to be a substitute for residents having their own supplies.

    • utility wagon
    • 2 fire hoses and one fire hose nozzle
    • 2 shovels
    • jack with handle and 18 blocks of wood to raise jack
    • sledgehammer
    • long crowbar
    • 4 portable toilets with toilet deodorants
  • The team 3 members of each of the 4 neighborhoods have the combination to the shed and chest locks.

community supplies
Supply List

Volunteer Backpacks

The Neighborhood Disaster Response Plans specify that the Association has supplies for the neighborhood teams.

  • There are 4 neighborhoods:
    • Upper Crown Drive
    • Lower Crown Drive
    • Queens Road
    • Kings Road
  • Each neighborhood has 4 teams:
    • Radio and Logistics
    • Search and Rescue
    • Utility
    • First-Aid
  • The strategy for storing supplies related to the 16 teams includes:
    • Each team member has a community-supplied backpack that contains the supplies and is stored under the team member's bed. Although stored at a team member's home, the supplies are property of the Association. The backpack will be returned to the chairman and passed on to a replacement team member if an existing team member moves.
    • The supplies for temporary toilets are stored at the neighborhood care centers.
    • Large or one-of-a-kind items are stored in the community earthquake shed.

This spreadsheet is a list of the quantities and estimated costs associated with the supplies.

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