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Crown Harbor Homeowner Association

Security Committee

The Security Committee works to ensure that owners, residents, neighbors, and visitors abide by city and community rules.

public parking

Public Parking

From sunrise to sunset, parking immediately outside of the entrance gate is intended for visitors who wish to access the public walking/bicycling path for up to 4 hours. This policy was shared with our neighbors in letters (placed on vehicles) dated September 13, 2012 and November 3, 2012. The letter was updated and re-issued on June 6, 2014 and June 21, 2014. The front entrance is adorned with signs.
community parking

Community Parking

Residents are requested to keep their vehicles in their garages (or deeded parking spots). Common area parking is generally intended for guests. See map. Parking in the complex is permitted only in designated parking areas, NOT in driveways or on the street.

Vehicle Limits

No boats, trailers, recreational vehicles, mobile homes, campers, oversized vehicles, or other such vehicular machines, and no dilapidated vehicles of any kind shall be parked or left in any part of the complex. Repair or reconstruction of vehicles, except for emergency repairs, is banned.

Public Walking/Bicycling Path

The path along the lagoon and bay is open to the public from sunrise to sunset. The gates open and close automatically based on timers that adjust for seasonal variations in sunrise and sunset. The public is requested to stay on the path via appropriate signage. The codes to open the path gates are documented on the first page of the Crown Harbor phone directory that is password protected for owners and residents only.
smoke free

Smoke Free Zones

On November 15, 2011 the Alameda City Council unanimously passed a secondhand smoke ordinance.

January 2, 2012 For multi-unit housing, smoking is prohibited in common areas. Per the ordinance, no smoking signs were installed for the common area path gates and benches.
January 1, 2013 In addition to common areas, smoking is banned inside the units including patios and balconies. As such, Crown Harbor residents, visitors, and contractors may only smoke in areas specifically designated as smoking areas. Based on the limitations of the ordinance that disallowed common areas (such as the public path), inside units, patios, balconies, and garages, Crown Harbor designated the public bench outside the gate, next to Central Avenue, as its designated smoking area. Unlike the other benches along the path, this one does not have a no smoking sign.

As a multi-unit housing complex, Crown Harbor received a letter from the city informing us about the new ordinance.

Trash Collection

Trash collection and recycling are on Friday mornings. Garbage enclosures are not to be used for storage of other materials. Observance of this will help eliminate possible fire hazards and rodent infestation. Contact Alameda County Industries at (510) 483-1400 to report a missed collection.


All household pets are to be "indoor" pets. Units are limited to two pets. All pets are to be on leashes when in common areas, and all solid waste must be removed immediately.

Vehicle Entry Gate Panel

Residents appear in the directory of the system for the vehicle entry gate. For corrections, contact with name and desired contact number. When visitors arrive, they can use A-Z buttons to look up a last name and call the contact number in the system. Visitors do not see the phone number nor the unit number/street address. Visitors only see a last name and first initial[s]. When residents receive a call from a visitor at the entry gate, they push 9 on their phone to open the gate. To take advantage of this feature, the phone number in the system must be a local number (i.e., a 415, 510, or 925 area code). Vehicle entry codes are covered on the vehicle entry gate page.

Vehicle Entry Gate Automatic Openers

Owners are responsible for maintenance and replacement of automatic gate openers. Owners who rent should ensure that tenants have gate openers. Gate openers are available at hardware stores. Compatible models have 9 pins that can be set to match the Crown Harbor gate. Which pins to set/unset is documented on the first page of the Crown Harbor phone directory that is password protected for owners and residents only. The Skylink 69 Universal Garage Door Remote Control, available on, is a model that is known to work.

Raccoon Abatement

Minimizing the presence of raccoons at Crown Harbor is in the interest of everyone. They can cause material damage to roofs and siding. They can be aggressive to pets in the association resulting in harm to both the pets and the raccoons. With this in mind, there are steps that residents can take toward raccoon abatement.

Garage Door Safety

The Crown Harbor Security Committee recommends that residents keep garage doors closed as much as possible. It only takes a moment for a passer-by to grab an item and run. Even with this, a thief can use a coat hanger to trip the emergency release and open the garage door. You can use a zip tie to prevent your garage door release from being pullable using a coat hanger, but can still break it yourself and open the door in the event of an emergency. For more information, see these garage door safety videos.
garage sale

Garage Sale

A community-wide garage sale is sometimes held annually.


As Crown Harbor units are either adjacent or above/below each other, noise control is mandated by the CC&Rs.
  • Vehicles that emit noise are prohibited.
  • Residents are to avoid unreasonable activities that produce excessive noise.
  • Noise-generating equipment, such as woodworking, can be used from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.
  • Upper units are required to have carpet flooring instead of hardwood.


Vehicular traffic is limited to 15 mph. The Speeding Sign Proposal document outlines the approach to curbing speeding in Crown Harbor.

Thank You Alameda Police Department

Crown Harbor appreciates the protection afforded our community by the Alameda Police Department. The Association expressed its appreciation and received a thank you letter in return.

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